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Lieutenant JG Pensria (Sam) Shinawatra

Name Pensria (Sam) Shinawatra

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 47

Physical Appearance

Height 6-0
Weight 195
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Pensria's ancestry is a blend of Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, Malaysian, and Eastern European blood lines. Growing up on the West Coast of California, she has been known as a "Cali" girl, surfing in Santa Cruz's Steamer lane, and hoping to ride the big surf in Hawaii .

Rather tall for an Asian/Caucasoid female, her parents had given her growth hormones; because it was said to her parents, who believed he old wives tales; that a tall daughter makes it easier for her to catch a taller mate. The growth hormones made her taller than her Asian sisters.

But unfortunately because of the growth hormones, her hips did not grow out like many women, so she was unable to have the necessary pelvic proportions to bear children. Pensria had what most physicians would call boy shaped set of hips.

To make up for her deficiency, Pensria as she got older began to work out, and by the time she was 28, she had become a bodybuilder.


Spouse N/A
Father Komol Shinatawara, Archaeologist; University of Beijing
Mother Dr. Linny Nattaporn, Dentist, Starfleet Command
Other Family & Notable Figures Choi Tseng; Muay Thai instructor, and mentor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sam is soft spoken and polite, yet somehow manages to carry a commanding presence while on duty. She exudes a sense of trust which inspires loyalty and obedience. Under stress she manages to still be patient but if all hell beaks loose and she does become antsy, the hammer drops.

Sam is quick to trust but not so quick to forgive once that trust has been betrayed. Cross her and try to order her personnel around, and she is cordial no more. Sam has difficulty relating to men on a romantic level. Finding sex more of a labor not worth the time to get undressed, and watch the men prance around the room, trying to impress her with their out of shape bodies.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Medical Knowledge
- Loves to teach new upcoming medical officers, on how to think out of the box
- Able to improvise
- Loyalty

- Tendency to fight the system
- Fighter, and has been known
- Overachiever
- Lack of Respect to senior officers who bypass the system or use the system
for their own personal use.
Ambitions To retire with a nice reirement, and live on one of the Starfleet officers retirement homes.

Personal History Pensari (Sam) Shinawatra was born on 2217 in the small earth town of Marina California. The area once known for its once famous golf links, and tourist economy of the 21st Century, and the old Carmel Mission Basilica of Saint Junipero Sera, who in the 1700’s; founded the large number of Catholic Missions in California in the 18th Century.

For the next 18 years Pensari was known as a precocious child getting in trouble, and giving her parents much grief. She had been in Federation Juvenile Court for smoking a controlled substance (cigarettes), under-age drinking, curfew violation, and other small juvenile offense.

As her parents worried about her, Pensari was out with the boys getting into trouble, and sometimes fighting her male friends. Pensari was also the gang leader of a small all female gang, that sometimes rivaled other girl gangs. Not afraid to fight, she sometimes took on the toughest male gang member, and had been known to beat the males in the other all male gangs

Pensari, was usually a loner, when her friends went away, she had another side of her that she never told anyone; she loved to take care of the small animals that came to her parents carefully trimmed gardens, and she excelled in the sciences, especially when it came to caring for the small pets, such as stray dogs or cats.

Pensari usually had a pet snake in her room, and there were times when she would have a few Iguanas crawling over the open beams of her parents house, eating the flying insects that tried to find a place to hide.

It was during High School Biology Class that she met an old Starfleet Medical Officer who usually made the rounds talking to troubled students about a career in Starfleet.

For Pensari, who loved science, she managed to talk to the good doctor, who told her that with her extensive collection of pets that she had cured, she would make a fine Physician either dealing with humans/Aliens or as a Veterinarian.

After the meeting, Pensari decided to take the old doctor up on his offer, and with Starfleet being the only ticket out of what was left of California, she decided to buckle down and study.
Now with something to look forward to.

Pensari studied, and began to slowly leave her wild days, and soon she was now surpassing the requirements for entrance to the Univ. Of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Medicine, where after four years of hard study, she received her BA degree in Medicine.

Graduating at the top of her class, and she was her class’s Valedictorian. Taking a month off after graduation, Pensari applied to the Univ. of Maryland’s R.A. Cowley Shock Trauma Center, where she received applied to the one of the hardest fellowships at the Trauma Center; "Trauma Surgical Critical Care Fellowship".

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Pensri applied to Starfleet Medical, and during her orientation, the Medical recruiter told her , that since she already had a Medical degree, and had two badly needed skills, she would not be attending Starfleet Medical, but attend Starfleet Medical’s Basic Officers Leadership Course. The 16 week course would prepare her to be an officer in Starfleet Medical, giving her the basic tools needed as a Starfleet Medical Officer

After her graduation, she was promoted to the rank of Lt(JG) because of her superior medical training. For the next 17 years Pensari, served aboard numerous Starships moving up from being a Medical Officer, to Chief a department, to being the Chief Medical Officer.

With Pensari as a senior LT(JG) she found herself transferred once again, this time to the USS Kingdom, a Constitution class heavy frigate; which did not have a Chief Medical Officer.

Now on board a shuttle, Pensari (Sam) was now about to board the USS Kingdom, and hopefully this is where she would end her career and retire from the ship
Service Record Civilian Education:

2235 – 2239 Univ. Of North Carolina – At Chapel Hill
School of Medicine, BA Degree

2339 – 2340 Univ. of Maryland, RA Cowley Shock Trauma Center
Trauma Surgical Critical Care Fellowship
2340 – 2343 Emergency Medicine/ Critical Care Fellowship

Military Training

2342 – 2342 Starfleet Medical Basic Leadership Officers Course
(SF- MBLOC) 16 wks
mandatory class for new incoming Medical Officers
who have advanced degrees In their fields of expertise

2342 Graduated, promoted to LT(JG)

2342 – 2346 Assigned to USS San Antonio
Medical Officer, Department of Surgery

2346 – 2349 Assigned to USS Farragut
Chief of Surgery, and Emergency Medicine

2249 – 2352 Assigned to Star base 395
Assistant Medical Officer and Director of Medical Services

2252 – 2256 Assigned to USS Republic
Chief Medical Officer

2256 – 2259 Transferring to USS Kingdom NCC-0519
New Incoming CMO
Notes Keeps a small Elaisian Fruit Bat in her apartment. The bat is a distant cousin of the S. American fruit bat, and loves to eat fresh plates of fruits that Sam brings to it from the officers mess. The bat's name is "FESTUS", and has a small problem. It is a shapeshifting bat that when excited, or scared will shape shift from its normal 3-4 inch length to a fully grown bat of around 12-15 inches in length with a wing spread of 2 feet. But once it calms down, it reverts to its small 4 inch length.

Festus is very friendly, and loves being cuddled, and tickled in its 4 inch length; But when it shapeshifts, it generally bares its teeth; but never attacks anyone. It depends on its shapeshifting form to scare people. When frightened, Festus is liable to leave a warm surpsie, which is its way of dealing with an obnoxious, or a person who angered it.

Hates being transported over to a ship or planetside. Gets very anxious on being beamed over, Doesn' like the idea of being partially beamed into a metal beam, building, or into a cavern. Has mild anxiety when beaming over.