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Lieutenant Wyse Kehoe

Name Wyse Kehoe

Position Chief Communications Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Kappa Persei
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 5"
Weight 190lbs.
Hair Color Black (Greying)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Standing at 6'5", Wyse is significantly taller than most humans which owes much to his Kappa Persei genetic heritage. Many Kappa Persei are incredibly tall and, in fact, Wyse is decidely average in height.

Wyse's complexion is only different from a human by the inclusion of two small ridges on the outer side of his eyes. His are significantly less noticeable than those of his peers due to surgery performed to correct a birth defect.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Wyse Kehoe
Mother Lac Kehoe

Personality & Traits

General Overview The over-riding impression one might take of Wyse (pronounced V-ay-ss) is that he is an upstart and, in no small part, mad. He entered Starfleet service at the age of 16, forsaking the usual life that Kappa Persei youngsters take on, working in the tourism industry on Kappa Persei IV. He works as hard as he has all his life and has difficulty getting his head around the workings of most relationships.

While this may be an irritation to some, the chances of anyone being hostile to Wyse for too long are slim as he exudes an infectious, fast-talking, fast-thinking personality. Sometimes he becomes so animated that he struggles to make himself understood.

However, underneath his warmth lies a fundamental lack of empathy for the 'human condition' and he has the capacity to come off as detached or even, as a psychological evaluation once suggested, sociopathic.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Efficient- can work quickly to achieve established aims
+ Incredible computer processing speed - thanks to his upbringing on Kappa Persei
+ Natural leader - is able to get the best out of his team almost by confusing them to the point of action
+ Quick thinker - Wyse is able to quickly process any situation and give suggestions and recommendations.

- Fastidious - can get caught up in his work and miss appointments and report deadlines.
- Looks for fault - as is the scientist's prerogative he looks for faults in calculations and reports as well as in people. While he does his best not to exploit such weaknesses, it is often difficult for him to point it out.
Ambitions Wyse has no particular ambition beyond his immediate future. As a cadet his ambition was always to finish top of his class and having achieved this it seemed only natural to make sure that he excelled in his post graduate studies and endeavours as well.
Hobbies & Interests - Late 20th Century Aviation
- Warp Flight
- Alien Spirits
- Alien Religions
- Anthropology

Personal History Early Life (2225-2241)

Born in 2225 on Kappa Persei IV in the Yaluk resort, Wyse spent much of his childhood in the company of his uncle who worked as a scientific researcher in one of Kappa Persei’s many weather research stations.

In the absence of his father, who worked for President Jik as a senior advisor, Kehoe grew into a reclusive child who had little time for other children. They spent their free time on the beaches and entertaining tourists for a little extra spending money while the young Kehoe spent his time examining Federation Foreign Policy and First Contact Dispatches which he intercepted using a small transceiver unit, built into Weather Station X-43.

It was Wyse's uncle who first suggested that he should join Starfleet and use his significant resources to make the Federation better. This was at a time when less than fifty Kappa Persei had ever gone to Starfleet Academy and significantly less had managed to graduate.

Starfleet Academy & Postgraduate Studies (2241-48)

When he was just 16 he left Kappa Persei IV for Marseille on Earth to attend Starfleet Academy. While there he became quite inwardly focussed due to the relative lack of change in his life up until that point. He didn't really mix well with the other students who had grown up within the inner sanctum of the Federation. Very few students in his class were from outside the central systems and he found very little in common with the Caitians, Humans and other students he came across.

He threw himself into his studies and found them relatively simple as a result of his experience of working with his uncle. From the age of 14, he had worked extensively within the weather station and had been exposed to rank structure and Federation standards. Eventually the classes became tougher and he and his classmates began to rely on each other for support and study and he began to slowly make friends.

As he approached his fourth year he was encouraged by his Astrophysics professor to consider specialising in physics rather than languages with a view to becoming a science officer. However, Wyse knew what he wanted to do and made sure that he stuck to his guns. He wrote his dissertation on the study of planetary factors in the development of bipedal humanoid society, language and culture, an area of study which didn't win him many spellbound readers but caught the attention of Commodore Wilshire, the then head of the newly founded Galactic Anthropology Commission.

With the support and funding of the GAC, Wyse was sent to St. Andrew's University in Scotland to pursue his post-graduate degree and doctorate. After three years of work on an xenolinguistic thesis, he was finally released to the welcoming embrace of the Commission.

Galactic Anthropology Commission: Bothee VI (2248)

The Galactic Anthropology Commission put him to work at their headquarters on Bothee VI. He was tasked with the classification and prioritisation of planets due for observation missions. It was a rewarding job that allowed the GAC to create a comprehensive list of unexplored systems within Federation territory and it allowed Wyse to advance in rank and status within the service on his own terms.

However, it was not long before the call of the unknown began to sound in Wyse's ears.

Galactic Anthropology Commission Field Officer: USS Bartlet

Wyse was reassigned as a GAC Field Officer to the USS Bartlet. His initial remit aboard was to advise the Chief Science Officer in matters of archaeology and anthropology in addition to flagging potential systems for the GAC.

The role was both stimulating and challenging but Wyse was unable to fully settle in the role aboard such a large starship. The constant turnover of crew and duty shifts meant that he may be working well with someone in a lab one day and then not see them again for three weeks. The cycles never sat well with him and he began to retreat into his work, often working triple shifts before he realised that he had not been off duty.

When Lieutenant Commander M'Biwa was reassigned to the USS Galileo in 2257, Wyse assumed that another command level officer would be drafted in to fill the void left by the outgoing Chief Communications Officer. However Captain Joyce, who had been advised by Wyse on a number of matters pertaining to the Galactic Anthropology Commission, took a risk and assigned him to the job.

His previously untapped reserve of organisation and leadership began to come to the fore and Wyse was able to bring himself 'in from the cold' somewhat.

In the early months of 2259, Captain Joyce informed Wyse that the Bartlet was to be reassigned to patrol the Klingon Neutral Zone and that he felt his primary passion would be poorly served working in such a limited capacity. Joyce suggested that the Communications Officer apply for a new assignment with a view to seeing more of the galaxy.
Service Record 2225: Entered Starfleet Academy, Marseille Annex.

2241: Graduated Starfleet Academy with a specialty in linguistics and anthropology and received Officer's Commission.

2245: Enrolled at St. Andrew's University.

2248: Graduated with a meritorious PhD.

2249: Assigned to Galactic Anthropology Commission and had his backdated service updated into his Starfleet record.

2255: Assigned to USS Bartlet as a Galactic Anthropology Commission Field Officer and latterly held the role of Chief Communications Officer.

2259: Reassigned to USS Kingdom as Chief Communications Officer.