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Aheaha Mahealani

Name Aheaha Keahu Mahealani

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Hawaiian Terran
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 183cm
Weight 177lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Mahealani is trim, lean and muscular, all of which he is proud of. He has a dark complexion ranging from a light tan to oven roasted depending on his environment, from growing up in a tropical climate. He has dark, attractive features and a strong jawline.


Spouse Tarek
Children Savannah, adopted daughter

Sergio, soon-to-be adopted son
Father Richard Mahealani
Mother Maya Mahealani
Brother(s) Akulo Mahealani
Sister(s) Kono Mahealani

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mahealani is mature for his age. He keeps calm under immense pressure as noted in his service record and at 27 demonstrates an uncanny knack for the job demanded of him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Besides his security training, which includes hostage negotiation certification, Mahealani has medical training equivalent to advanced care life support. Mahealani is book smart in quantum mechanics but not extensively trained in engineering. He is fluent in English and Spanish.

While mature in uniform Mahealani is quite shallow and egotistical. He works out daily and maintains as healthy a lifestyle as can be allowed. He demands this of those under his command, sometimes to the point of being derogatory, and his security team can be compared to a high school jock clique.

Mahealani's level of maturity appears to be flushed out the airlock when making a port of call on liberty or partying in general.
Ambitions At this stage in his life Mahealani is concentrating on maintaining a balance between his family and professional lives. He is comfortable with current standing in Starfleet and would like to focus on seeing to it that his husband and daughter are taken care of.
Hobbies & Interests Off duty he indulges in medical text books and spends longer than may be considered normal in the ships gym. He can sometimes be spotted running laps through the ship, often with his security team in tow.

Personal History Aheaha Mahealani-"Lani" to those who aren't bothered to learn to pronounce hi name properly-was born and raised until the age of 5 in Honolulu, the capital city of a state encompassing a chain of hundreds of volcanic islands in Earth's Pacific Ocean. Before he was to begin school his parents moved off of Earth to Vulcan where his mom could practice and hone her talents of opera singing and violin. While it seemed to the family that Vulcans were a logical species who would treat their Human son with respect they were proven wrong as Aheaha began school a year older than his peers who were already learning material equivalent to what was usually taught a fourth grader in Hawaii.

If he had been a gifted child by Terran standards Mahealani would have reaped the benefits of a Vulcan education system but since he was deemed "academically impaired" and a social outcast the moment he stepped into a classroom the boy was already at a disadvantage.

In the best interests of their son while Maya practiced and performed at the Vulcan Academy of Arts Richard took their son to live in civilian quarters at a Federation-built colony on the planet for non-Vulcans living on the planet for one reason or another. Aheaha was finally able to begin leaning along side his peers without the racism of the Vulcan education system, no matter how much the Vulcans tried to deny their treatment of him.

Awkward at first, thanks to self esteem issues inflicted by Vulcan classmates Aheaha developed into an out going young teenager at the center of his social circle and a true athlete in football and basketball. With the colony's school team he traveled to other Federation settlements on other planets to compete. This helped his interest in space and other cultures manifest itself.

By the age of 16 Aheaha's parents moved back to Earth, again to Honolulu, and he continued to play football on a varsity level, starting as quarterback more often than not but also playing in the tight end position. As his mind became geared towards university there was only one option: Starfleet.

A zest for life, action and adrenaline rushes led Aheaha towards Federation law enforcement as a Starfleet security officer. although he had taken an interest in both medicine and engineering and considered both as viable options. Besides his decision to concentrate his studies on security Aheaha also took advanced courses in field medicine to reinforce his portfolio.

As a man of both physical dominance and agility Mahealani was assigned to mobile details over stationary positions such as in the brig or armory. As he proved his loyalty and worth to his chief and CO an away team rarely left the Kyoto without him and it soon became clear he had made the right choice in his career. At 23, less than one year after graduating, Mahealani became a security team leader. Overtime he gradually became an expert on the mysterious Gorn.

Shortly before a transfer to the Kelvin Mahealani was on duty, checking transfer orders as a new contingent of officers arrived on board the Kyoto. He was pleasantly surprised, though clueless at first, when the new Vulcan chief helmsman turned out to a childhood acquaintance. The Vulcan, named Tarek, was one of the very few natives on Vulcan who did not hold any animosity towards Aheaha because of his species. Classmates prevented them from becoming friends but Aheaha never forgot Tarek. They were not long making up for lost time on the Kyoto and it took only two months before getting married so Aheaha's orders to the Kelvin did not separate them.

Settling in as a couple on the Kelvin felt, to Aheaha, like he was starting a new life for himself. He now had a husband and a new position as assistant chief of security. The only thing missing to complete their family was a son or daughter and they took care of that after the required year waiting period, after which the couple adopted a 2 year old Orion baby girl who they named Savannah. A Hawaiian, a Vulcan and a Orion certainly did not create a "normal" family but Aheaha was not a stranger to uncalled for ridicule from nosy public eye and he wasn't going to let the worthless opinions of others interfere in his picture perfect life.

2 years on the Kelvin, including requests that one of them transfer on more than one occasion, helped Aheaha and Tarek realize it would be in the best interests of their marriage and their daughter if one of them were to resigned their Starfleet commission to allow the other to pursue their potential unhindered but still with the complete support of their spouse. As a request came for Aheaha to take the mantle of chief security officer on the Kingdom Tarek graciously stepped down to make room for Aheaha to grow.

Heading to the third kelvin class of his career, and so far the only class of starship on which he would serve, Aheaha packed up his family and settled them on the Kingdom which he hopes holds a wealth of potential for his career and family.

As they settle in Aheaha and Tarek are putting the final touches on paperwork which will allow them to adopt a brother for Savannah. Further adding to their already diverse, blended family will be a Betazoid newborn baby named Sergio.
Service Record USS Kingdom-Chief Security Officer
USS Kelvin-Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Kyoto-Security Officer
Starfleet Academy-Security Training