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Ensign Echo Solaris

Name Echo Solaris

Position Engineer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 149 lbs.
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description On the surface Echo is a typical Human female of average height, slender build and fair complexion. She possesses a measure of natural beauty that is sometimes enhanced, other times detracted by lackluster grooming habits and a mercurial taste in fashion that ranges from mild androgyny to something unmanageably feminine. Her long blonde hair is always worn down, and almost always slightly disheveled despite her best efforts to tame it. Though she has a few cute outfits, most of the clothes in Echo’s wardrobe look like they were stolen from male acquaintances; the exception to this would be her uniforms: either a fitted tunic and trousers, or mini-dress with black tights.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Hugo Janovski
Mother Marisa Janovski
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) n/a
Other Family & Notable Figures Aside from her biological parents, Echo has few living relatives that would still consider her kin.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Echo is a peculiar person, and though that is not always obvious at first glance anyone who spends time around her will figure it out before long. She’s kind-hearted, gentle and seemingly approachable, but she can also be detached, twitchy, and more than a little contrived. Her personality does not always come across as strong or authentic, and some mistake that for hidden baggage or negative, gemini traits. She just has a lot to learn about herself. Despite this she has a glimmer of wisdom in her eyes, as if she understands things about the universe that no one else could possibly hope to grasp. Though an introvert, Echo does put a lot of effort into forming and maintaining friendships. She tends to be more comfortable around males, despite a preference for female companionship.
Strengths & Weaknesses One of Echo’s more obvious strengths is her level of technical expertise. Possessing specialized training as a systems engineer, she is most adept with computer interfaces, software programming, and systems diagnostics and repair. She is a capable hands-on engineer, but her training and experience lies more with software solutions, and she has a ways to go in building up her repertoire of hardware skills and procedures. Echo is also highly adaptable—another clear strength. She’s not a woman of set beliefs, habits and methods, and she’s very mindful about the importance of learning from those around her. She learns quickly, and rarely needs to be shown something twice. She’s also unafraid to ask for help if she needs it, and she has a very team-oriented mentality that doesn’t hold much regard for personal pride and achievements.

Despite her clear strengths, Echo does have some equally identifiable weaknesses. She’s new to the fleet and not very experienced when it comes to unpredictable and/or dangerous situations. Academy testing has shown her to be a person that operates well under stress, but tests are not always a good indicator of real-life effectiveness in such situations. Leadership potential has also been identified as a possible weakness. Echo does not yet have a strong, well-developed personality, and no matter how skilled or capable she may seem, she may not possess the kind of character needed to inspire others, cement authority, and serve as a proper role model.

Finally, something that could also be considered both a strength and a weaknesses is Echo’s will to survive. She’s been through a lot and has overcome challenges that aren’t all listed on her service record. When things are tough she will not give up. Echo’s will to survive, however, also means that she won’t rush headlong into danger unless there’s a very good reason for doing so. Echo is a very brave woman, but sometimes she can’t help but come across as cowardly in the eyes of her peers.
Ambitions Long-term ambition does not factor into Echo’s priorities. She doesn’t care a lot about stripes on her sleeves or an elevated position in the chain of command. Most of her goals are short-term… things she is mindful of every day, such as doing a good job, honing her skills, and not letting other people down. Echo also tends to stray from long-term thinking because she doesn’t have a good idea of who she is, let alone where she wants to be in five or ten years.
Hobbies & Interests Echo will try almost anything at least once, so long as it isn’t too dangerous; getting her to try something again is the hard part, as she can be impatient and doesn’t like to be an amateur at anything. Her favorite sport is baseball, but unfortunately fleet life doesn’t provide the proper facilities for that particular pastime (though she will settle for a game of catch). Echo isn’t big on literature of the fine arts, but she does have a skilled hand when it comes to drawing. She has her own creative style of animation and has been known to vent personal frustrations and experiences by means of old-school comic strip storytelling. When she’s utterly bored Echo has been known to try and train her pet cat Twinkie to perform tricks for treats.

Personal History Reborn out of the proverbial ashes, Echo Solaris found her origins in the tragic aftermath of what Starfleet has dubbed ‘the Euphrates incident.’ The sole survivor of said incident, Echo was… altered, in a way that no one has been able to fully explain or understand.

In 2256 the Starfleet vessel USS Luna responded to a local general distress and found the Federation-tagged freighter SS Euphrates caught in the grip of a powerful ion storm; the freighter was heavily damaged and its systems were failing fast. Sensors could not determine lifesigns or systems integrity due to interference from the storm, and the Luna’s captain made the difficult and controversial decision to send an emergency response team aboard, one comprised of volunteers. Transporter insertion was deemed necessary, as a shuttle would not have survived the storm intact. Only four of the six crewmembers sent to the Euphrates arrived alive, and those who were left quickly realized that the rescue mission was over before it had really even begun. Only a cursory sweep of the Euphrates could be made to try and look for survivors, and none were located in the minute or so it took for the engineers to confirm that the freighter was moments away from total destruction.

Of the four to beam out, only one arrived back on the Luna intact… in the physical sense. Ensign Katarina Janovska, a junior systems engineer, was initially listed as the sole survivor. Suffering partial paralysis and neurological trauma, several days passed before she was in any condition to communicate. When she did, however, she identified herself as Ensign Maxwell Itarra, another systems engineer that had been thought lost in the transport back. She was partially able to recall Itarra’s authorization code, along with a few other details of personal identification. As for Janovska, she could remember barely a thing.

The aftermath was not pretty. Not for Starfleet, not for the Luna, and certainly not for Janovska… or whoever she’d become. The entire incident had to be kept under wraps for nearly a month, as Starfleet wasn’t willing to reach out to the families of the lost until it knew exactly who they should be contacting.

After twenty-seven days of thorough debriefing and medical examination, neurological experts confirmed that interference from the ion storm, rapid pattern decay, and operator error, had resulted in an extremely rare case of crossed-feed cognitive transference… or in layman’s terms, a partial shift of consciousness from one person to another. The experts were not much more specific than that. They couldn’t say whether there was amnesia, or permanent brain damage. They also couldn’t determine how much of Itarra had been transferred, or how much of Janovska had been lost. What they did say, however, was that what remained was essentially a new person, drawing from the existing memories and cognitive processes from each.

In the end both Itarra and Janovska were declared legally deceased. The memories that remained intact were not enough to provide a solid link to either identity. The person that remained spent the next two years in a variety of hospitals, research laboratories and mental health facilities being observed, studied, and coaxed into trying to find out who she was. Or, failing that, who she wanted to be. In the end she decided to be Echo Solaris. Just who that is, or what ‘echo of the sun’ means is anyone’s guess.

Eventually deemed medically sound and psychologically stable, Echo decided to try and reclaim her job as an engineer. Unfortunately, Starfleet couldn’t make the process easy for her, as legally speaking, whatever qualifications Itarra and Janovska had possessed had expired with them. Echo was required to attend the academy all over again. She was, however, allowed to possibly expedite the process by attempting the final exams of all the courses she’d taken the first time around. Spending her entire first semester on a high-stakes testing binge, Echo managed to pass all but four of the more advanced course. She was able to put those behind her during the second semester, and graduated in just one year.

Possessing a degree in engineering and commission in Starfleet once again, Echo did not expect to find herself back aboard a starship anytime soon. She’d planned on Starfleet assigning her to a quiet desk job at one of the large shipyards, and not a high-stress fleet position. Perhaps curious… more likely desperate to fill positions, Starfleet seemed to have other plans for her.
Service Record Starfleet Academy (2258-59)

First Posting (2259)
USS Kingdom (NCC-0519), Kelvin-class Surveyor
2259: Engineer
Notes Upon her arrival, only four other crewmembers would probably know about Echo's whole weird story and background: The CO, XO, Chief Engineer and definitely the Chief Medical Officer. Anyone in medical or science might know some things, especially if they are tapped into the neurosciences community.

Anyone else will probably have to wait for the ship's rumor mill to catch up. Or for Echo to tell someone, if she can. Might get awkward.