Deck Listing

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Deck One

Upper Sensor Platform, Aft Phaser Banks

Deck Two

Storage Bays, Conference Room

Deck Three

Hangerdeck (Upper Level), Flight Operations

Deck Four

Hangerdeck (Lower Level), Shuttle Maintenance

Deck Five

Main Lounge, Observation Room

Deck Six


Deck Seven

Science Labs, Transporter Room

Deck Eight

Science Labs, Photon Torpedo Banks

Deck Nine

Main Briefing Rooms, Storage Bays, Fresh Water Storage Tanks

Deck Ten

Officers Quarters, Officers Mess

Deck Eleven

Crews Quarters, Crew Mess, Engineering

Deck Twelve

Engineering, Medical Facilities, Security, Emergency Bridge, Ships Computer Center, Impulse Engines

Deck Thirteen

Storage Bays, Emergency Transporter Room, Shield Control and Ships Defensive Systems Control Room, Life Support, Tractor Control

Deck Fourteen

Ships Fabrication, Reclimation, and Sanitation Facilities/ Auxiliary Machinery Rooms (Neck)

Deck Fifteen

Life Quality Facilities/ Auxiliary Machinery Rooms (Neck)

Deck Sixteen

FWD Phaser Banks, Auxiliary Fire Control, Lower Sensor Platform/ Warp Field Control Rooms (Neck)

Deck Seventeen

Warp Field Control Rooms (Neck)

Deck Eighteen

Warp Field Control Rooms (Neck)