The Sim

The Federation of Planets is still wheeling from a multitude of wars, diseases and catastrophes. For every advancement made, a hundred more ways to suffer are found to replace it. Fundamental resources like food, water, medicine and fuel are quickly running out. Safe places to live and ways to reach them are high in demand. In response Starfleet was quick to crew exploratory vessels, launching them off to sift through the unknown in the hopes of finding some form of salvation. With so many unknowns lurking on the edge of the rubicon there's sure to be danger and hardship. That's where ships like the USS Kingdom come in.

To tell you a little more about the USS Kingdom, we cut to a little Q & A..

Q: Why are there so few open positions available on the ship in relation to the number of players?

A: The small number of players allows me to make sure that each player gets personal attention and time to shine in the story line.

Q: Why did you modify the roles of each department in the simm?

A: This is an attempt to encourage each department to mingle. This also, hopefully, will help give some of the more difficult to play departments more to do. So please read the department handbook before choosing a post.

Q: Why did you choose to do an Abramsverse AU ship?

A: So many other Star Trek simms rely on the same premise. The Federation side of the universe is this sanitized, squeaky clean place where nothing bad happens unless some outside force commits it. Technology does nearly everything for you, leaving no mystery to the whodunit or basic need that can't be replicated. Everything within their core is fairly safe and bright and peachy-keen so long as nothing bad comes along to wreck the peace party.

In the Abrams verse, the universe is progressing towards order, but it's still dark and gritty and tough. Biofilters aren't perfect and can't filter out all diseases. Illnesses still run rampant and can't always be cured by a magic shot. There's more unexplored space than known and it's full of potential allies and enemies and boogeymen so close to home that the threats are more pressing, more costly when it's your family on the line. I wanted a dirty little universe to tell stories within. come tell 'em with me.

Q: How much does the Enterprise TV show play into your timeline?

A: Very little. It may be mentioned and some of the technology is used, but there was no temporal war and or weird timeline that borks any attempt at making it fit in conventionally. Let's just talk about the beagle. Everyone loved the dog.

Any other questions, please email the captain.