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Quick Encounter

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2015 @ 4:19am by Aheaha Mahealani & Commander Rohana O'Touvelli

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: Deck 12
Timeline: Backpost


Date and time didn't mean so much to Ro by whatever point in its medium that she had reached. She was running largely on caffeine and protein bars- not too great a way to start a command off- but at least she was getting results. Crew had started trickling in. Shuttles that were supposed to be assigned to the Kingdom were redirected back to the Kingdom. The computer was now reliably responding in English. And all of the senior staff had now reported in. Now, if all of the departments reported back that they were up to snuff, repairs were good and fully staffed, she promised herself that she'd take an entire 24 hour period to sleep. If the birds and/or work permitted it.

What she needed now, more than a few zzs was to get a heads up from the chief of security- only from everything that she'd been told, he'd checked in and immediately gone into crisis management as well. Tracking him down required a lot of questions as his communicator was either not working or keyed incorrectly to the ship (or more likely the ship was keyed incorrectly to it). So it was a little bit more cardio.

Ro finally tracked him down to a sealed off section of deck where apparently there'd been some kind of scuffle. A bunch of sweaty- some bruised- security officers and some poor sap wailing and moaning as he was carted off. That had to have an interesting story behind it.

"Hey guys.." she called out as she closed in. "One of you the sec chief?"

The pursuit of Crewman Vootik had lasted longer than usual. His heightened adrenaline levels warded off the sedative that Orion doctor oh so wisely prescribed over a healthy stun setting and Vootik put up even more of a fight. Fifteen minutes after the initial call for help out of sickbay and the whole incident was finally resolved.

"Stay with him," Mahealani told an officer.

A pat to Bajuk's bruised shoulder, first causing a flinch, sent the officer in the direction of Vootik's stretcher and a few medical staff. Clutching his torso where a rib was probably fractured Aheaha turned and met the ginger haired commander.

"That's me, brah," he answered semi-casually in between painful winces every time he took a breath.

Ro took one look at the big man and winced on his behalf. "Ah, yeah, you look like a beat up side of beef. You need a hand getting to medical? I can bend your ear some while we're on the way."

"No, sir. That can wait."

Aheaha straightened himself up into proper posture and led the way opposite sickbay.

"I need to get to the security center and see to the paperwork while details are still fresh in all our minds. Walk with me, sir?"

"I can do that," Ro agreed, still eyeing him dubiously. "You poke a rib out though and we're turning right around. I can still lug a guy your size around."

Aheaha tried to give the CO a gratuitous laugh but the pain shot through his chest like a bullet, shutting him up.

"I hope it doesn't come to that, sir," he replied. "What can I help you with, sir?"

"Mostly I just wanted updates. I haven't been able to catch you since you signed in. Wanted to get your input on the ill crewmen all from our ship, the cascading crises surrounding our taking of the Kingdom, how you feel about the ship so far: you know the deal." Matching his stride, the redhead stayed at his elbow as they spoke, keeping at his hurt side so he wasn't jostled by passing crew.

"It's a good ship, sir. Some might say hoaxed but I just say unlucky," Aheaha said, pushing ideas of conspiracy to the back burner. "I don't know much about the illness going around. I wasn't able to speak to many people yet, not even the XO. Crew aside I haven't seen any problems with my team except that I only have 8 people so far."

"Yeah, 'bout that. A good bit of our crew went to the wrong stations. Our shuttles to the wrong ships. The crew that did arrive had to be manually ran through because many of them didn't register as being on the right ship at first. It's been a perfect storm of problems so far." Ro groaned. "About the mold thing- that's what is causing the illness- apparently only Kingdom crew got dirty booze on the station."

"My wits say accidental but as security chief I can't ignore the possibility of a targeted bioattack against the crew," Aheaha reasoned.

"The crew transfers can be attributed to computer errors. It would be hard to prove otherwise, but the mold issue must be checked out. I'll have forensics take a look once they are all finally on board, sir."

Ro smiled, encouraged by the promise of letting the forensics hounds loose. "Good, good. I'm glad you arrived and hit the ground running. Hopefully with the fuss and blunder at the beginning, it means we'll be ready for whatever else comes our way. If I get any more information on any of that, I'll route it your way. Any updates, kick it my way, could you?"

"You've got it, sir," Aheaha said.

With a tip of his head the SC bid his CO farewell but even that caused a slight wince of pain in his side as he stumbled into the security bunker.


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