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News, your majesty

Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2015 @ 12:56am by Commander Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant JG Hel Samedi

Mission: Shakedown

It took Hel a moment to find the commander, amidst all the hustle and bustle of a ship getting ready to launch. When she did though, she did so with a few padds in hand and a tired smile on her face.

"Queen Ro? Got a moment for me? Got news from the pit." she asked.

"Shoot," Ro told her with a sigh. It'd been a long day, but they were finally close to being on the right track. With only a little bit of luck and a few more days, it seemed like the Kingdom would finally be pulled together.

"Long story short, all the primary systems, most of the secondaries and half the tertiaries are online. We can move out on your command, weapons and shields also functional to Starfleet standard, though I'm convinced I can pull out a few additional percent of performance here and there without compromising stability and reliability." Hel spoke, offering Ro several padds. "I can see you're tired, so I can sum things up real short if you want me to. Saves you reading up on all that boring tech tech stuff."

"You're a peach Hel. A summary would be amazing." So would a margarita and a hammock, but that was just plain asking for too much. Ro steered them into an observation area which was little more than a few window seats clustered close to a set of windows. Someone had thoughtfully stuck a potted plant in the middle of it all.

"Basically everything what matters is online. Propulsion, navigation, sensors, shields, weapons, transporters, you name it. I've prioritized the more important secondary systems, we we've got functional redundancies in navigation, shields, weapons, engines, you name it. Secondaries for transporters and the computer's music and entertainment subsystems still being worked on." The pale woman explained, walking with Ro. "Tertiary backup control systems for shields, deflector, torpedoes, transporters and navigation still offline, but I should have those up and running by tomorrow at the latest."

"You did good, lady. I don't know how you managed it- the initial reports that were brought to me looked like it'd take months to fix. I owe you and your crew," the commander sighed as she sunk into a chair. It felt so good to be off of her feet.

"A gift-from-the-gods very capable software engineer was thrown into my lap. She's the one who worked the miracles. I just guide my minions, they do the work." Hel mused, moving behind Ro's chair to start giving a rather experienced and capable shoulder massage.

Trying to ignore the awkwardness as it was pretty great, Ro just focused on talking. "I'll make sure she gets a thank you then before we shove off. How's your other minions doing? All present and accounted for and falling in okay?"

"Missing two. No problems with the ones that did arrive." Hel continued the shoulder rub, strong fingers working their magic. "About that other thing we talked about. Although engineering was quite the mess when I found it, I found nothing to suggest foul play. Most was just different manufacturers building equipment to their own spec, where inter-brand compatibility is mostly just theoretical. Nothing to make me think it was on purpose or foul play."

"That's one worry off of my list then. It just seemed convenient with the mystery mold and everything else.. I'd rather be wary and wrong than unprepared and correct," the redhead sighed. "Maybe it's just a really poorly timed bunch of coincidences."

"Probably the latter." Hel mused. "Oof. Your shoulders are really tense. You really should try to get some rest. Though I know that's not very likely."

Ro agreed- she really did. She also agreed with how unlikely it was. "This all started off with my ex showing up on station and you'll understand why I'm not going to be happy until we're underway."

"And we can leave whenever everyone else is ready to." Hel offered with a smile. "I should probably head back to the pit though and start planning duty rosters and the like."

"And I will leave this lovely chair.. yeah.." Ro groaned and got to her feet. "Thanks for the hard work, Hel. I appreciate it."

"It's my job. Besides, I like seeing my boss happy. Makes it more likely I get what I want when I ask a favor." she gave Ro a wink before heading off again with a smile and a sway.

The commander laughed as the CEO walked away. She had such characters making up her senior staff. If they didn't end up killing each other, they'd be an amazing crew. "Ah HA! I KNEW there was a catch to the shoulder massage!"

"I will neither confirm nor deny that allegation!" Hel waggled a finger at Ro before rounding the corner.


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