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Effective Immiedietly

Posted on Sat Nov 7th, 2015 @ 5:15am by Commander Rohana O'Touvelli

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: USS Kingdom, Captain's Quarters

The first officer ventured from the confines of his own quarters and wandered just down one of the corridors of the Kingdom' tenth deck to pay a visit to the captain. They had no doubt received identical copies of their orders to ferry an alien delegation to their homeworld. She no doubt was already informed, in lieu of a Federation representative, her first officer had been assigned duties to babysit their guests.

"Good evening, Captain," the Deltan #2 said as he stepped through the door. "Am I interrupting?"

"Not at all," Ro sighed, offering a round of dried fruit to a very large white bird delicately gripping the woman's wrist. It took the fruit just as gracefully and whistled out a thank you. "The birds don't mind dinner company. Pull up a chair and excuse the last box or two. I've still yet to finish putting together the room with all of the run around."

The concept of pets was foreign to Kheylen and he tried to leave some space between him and the winged thing as he pulled up a chair as ordered. Having a living breathing animal reliant on you for survival, especially while on deployment, seemed like a bother to say the least.

"Don't worry about the boxes," Kheylen assured his captain. "I've got plenty in the way as well. I had to get my hands dirty so soon my quarters are the last on a very long list of priorities right now."

"Same here. Bare minimum set up and a bunch of things to trip over. What can I do for you, lieutenant? I'd have thought you'd be ready to unwind after all of the stress and mayhem- or is this a social call? I had a social life once.. Never was the best host, though," she said with a laugh. The bird on her wrist laughed as well, as did a second voice from a covered cage in the corner.

"Unwind? Maybe next week," Kheylen shrugged. "Did you get your orders from Starfleet? The Kasheeta? Are they insane?"

Ro chuckled and passed another slice of fruit to the cockatoo, who passed it back in exchange for a different piece. "Possibly.. Either that or someone is terribly confidant in your abilities. Are you? Anything that you need help with, I'll gladly lend a hand.. just understand that I'm nowhere near as polished as you are. I speak my mind too much."

"That's actually part of why I came to see you." Reaching into his jacket, the Deltan withdrew a PADD that he handed to O'Touvelli. He watched as she urged the white bird up to her shoulder and read over the orders carefully. Pleasantly enough, the woman began to smile as she read.


This was cobbled together from a post previously being written with Kheylen. The last few tags I filled in. Hope they read right.

"A ship of your own? I had a feeling that you weren't supposed to be stuck under me. Congratulations!" She handed back the PADD with a waning smile. "I take it that this is effective immediately?"

"I'm afraid so," Kheylen said, rising from his seat. He held out a hand, which Ro took and shook solemnly.

"I know that you weren't here for very long, but you made quite the impression, lieutenant. I don't think we could have pulled together as well as we did without you guiding everything along. Thank you so much for your time and energy and.. everything. Thank you." They'd make do, Ro knew. Certainly not the same way, but that was just the way of the universe. Somehow she'd wrangle the Kasheeta and hold down the fort until another XO was assigned. "You'll be missed."


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