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Posted on Wed Oct 28th, 2015 @ 5:13am by Commander Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant JG Kelly Henshaw

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: Corridors
Timeline: Following Dog Food

With the meeting adjourned, Kelly made her way as far away from the meeting room and the XO as she could get. She understood what the CO was saying about the XO, but she wasn't in any mood for a repeat visit from him.

A bit later, she'd stepped out of the quartermaster's office with a chart in hand of all of the odds and ends she'd be able to help out with. It wasn't much, but if pitching in a little extra helped her get out of shit city with the XO, she'd take it.

"Well don't you look like the busy bee, Mizz Trouble.." Ro called out from farther down the hall. She had an arm load as well, though most of it was tedium notes and menus and agenda and god awful little of actual interest. "You ready for our guests?"

"Fucking dinosaurs," Kelly said, turning back to her CO excitedly, grinning broadly. Her grin faltered just a bit as she quickly added, "Sir."

The commander laughed and nearly dropped the top PADD on her stack. "I'm about right there but with a little more decorum. Takes you back to being six, doesn't it? I just can't dig sand pits and run them around rescuing dolls. These are very large, not plastic and could eat me."

"Would it be bad diplomatic decorum to hug them? That's like... that's right out of the window, right?" Kelly joked.

"My bet is yes. It's also bad form to ask if they can play catch, touch their toes or try and narrate their dining habits in an Australian accent so get it out of your system now," Ro bounced on the balls of her feet as she spoke. "I know I'm trying to.."

"Crikey!" Kelly said dramatically, pointing at nothing, "Isn't she a beaut! Extremely poisonous! Looks like I've made 'er ANGRY!"

O'Touvelli gave Kelly a long suffering look of trying to resist before caving in. Just a little. "Just look at 'er dunk Kelly in a tureen of au jus. Pinky out right before the bite! That's not right. Are you more of a ketchup or a brown gravy type? I dunno.."

Kelly cackled, "You are the best CO ever, I swear to god," She said, grinning broadly.

"I'm pretty sure that I'm not, but that's okay. I just.. need to keep it together most of the time.." She looked like she was about to laugh again and looked away down the empty hall. "Oh gods, this is going to be hard!"

"Not acting a fool with the big, somewhat friendly dinos on board?" Kelly asked, grinning lopsidedly. "Probably. Do you think it'd be a problem if I tossed food at them to see if they'd catch it? That's probably totally acceptable in their culture right?" He asked, mock serious.

Ro gave the other woman a sideways glance. There was no way that she was serious.. "Only if you want the XO's head to explode everywhere in big meaty chunks. Please refrain from that.. I need the big guy."

"Really? Need? You sure that's the word you're going for there?" Kelly asked - making sure to keep her voice playful.

"Yes, need. I'm well aware of my limits, Kel and he is exactly what I need to not step over them. He's a good man, dear, trust me. We just need to loosen him up just a tad.." Ro looked up slightly as if distracted by a passing thought, a slight smile on her lips. "-But you'll see that before I will since you'll be working with him with the Kasheeta dignitaries. Get to know him some in the moments in between. Be friendly. You never know what he'll turn up with until you try."

"Whoa whoa whoa," Kelly said, raising her hands almost defensively, "What are you talking about? I'm just doing some preliminary stuff for the Quartermaster... working WITH him?!" She asked, sounding horrified.

"I'm not asking you to flash him your boobs, I'm saying he'd very much appreciate a second set of hands and eyes. And bonus: you get more dino time." Ro grinned broadly, hoping that the pilot would agree. "I'll be helping, too.."

"But... but.... he's so cranky," Kelly whined. "Are you sure I can't just flash him my boobs and be done with it?"

Ro just shook her head. "He's a little too classy for the peep show, babe. You actually have to work to be on his good side. If you find out why, you'll be ahead of the race."

"I know, I know," She said, sighing again and blowing a stray lock of raven hair out of her eyes, "I'll do it. He didn't give me the benefit of the doubt, you know," She replied, her tone a little hot. "Calling me 'inmate'... acting like I was some sort of criminal. He didn't even know what had happened on the station. Just started assuming things," He raised a hand before Ro could stop her and took a deep breath, "I'm sorry... I just... I don't like being judged. Especially when they don't know what they're talking about."

Ro nodded, her red braid bouncing against her shoulder. "I do. I had my share of people looking down on me, too, Kel. Regardless of what they thought or maybe even still think: I'm here. They were wrong. Prove you're golden, doll-face. You shouldn't have to- but life doesn't bend to shoulds and shouldn'ts. Face the challenge dead on and win a peer. Maybe a friend."

"Okay, now you've breached the border into insanity," Kelly replied, flatly, giving Ro and arched eye-browed look.

Returning the gaze with an equal amount of sarcasm, Ro added a momentary raspberry for added effect. "Does it sound better if I say 'he may not think you suck as much?' Work with me here.. I'm trying this inspirational captain speech thing."

"Oh oh, okay one sec," Kelly made a big show of composing herself, then gave Ro a wide-eyed, awe-struck look, "That was the most amazing thing I've ever heard. My life has been eternally changed for the better and I will now only drink the finest of filtered water in order to keep myself this pure," She said, melodramatically.

Ro shuffled a little to free one hand and laid it over her brow. "I'll forward your application to an exclusive nunnery in the French Alps in the morning. Until then, you can go be helpful and spritely and spread joy and cheer to orphans and cranky XOs. Be free, little Kelliwatha, be free.."

"Yes, Miss Ro! I shall! As god is my witness, I will nevah go hungry again!" Kelly said, hand to forehead, before darting off down the hallway, giggling to herself all the way.

The last thing Ro head from around the bend was "MAKE A HOLE, NUGGETS! FUTURE NUN COMING THROUGH!"


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By Lieutenant JG Hel Samedi on Wed Oct 28th, 2015 @ 9:32am

This should've been called "How do we solve a problem like Kelly", missed opportunity there!