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Visiting Dad at Work

Posted on Fri Nov 13th, 2015 @ 7:50am by Aheaha Mahealani

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: Deck 12 Corridor
Timeline: The morning ahead of the Kasheeta's arrival...

The doors to the turbolift barely parted as the green skinned toddler cheeks sneaked through, her green tinted lips stretched into a warm smile.


Though still unsteady Savannah's long legs threw her as fast as she could run to the opposite end of the corridor. Aheaha knelt to meet her height and stretched out his arms to grab his daughter just as she began her jump towards his body. Kissing his daughter on both cheeks and giving an extra squeeze in his hug he looked on as Tarek took his time pursuing the tot.

"I am coming," Tarek replied to the silent plea he quicken his pace.

Tarek glanced back and forth as he overlapped his arm on Aheaha's to add support to their daughter's weight. Once he knew the coast was clear he stepped in closer, his body against his husbands in a tight three-way hug, and stole a kiss off Aheaha's lips. He looked about again, then stole another, more passionate kiss as even Savannah looked away.

"How's my best girl?" Aheaha asked.

For the first time the SC was bright eyed after a morning of testing the new security protocols prepared ahead of the Kasheeta's arrival. His entire department had finally arrived and was coordinated, assigned their shift rotations and duties under his command. It was impossible to please everyone and by the end, assigning Ens. Bajuk as his assistant chief, Aheaha had to resort to telling one ensign to deal with it and walk away. Apparently the chaos in Starfleet's records led the ensign to believe he was 2iC of security and his disagreement almost landed him in the brig.

"She is a little tired," Tarek disclosed.

As Savannah laid her head to rest on Aheaha's shoulder her actions proved true despite just running down the corridor at breakneck speed to meet one of her dads.

"Someone's crashing," Aheaha commented as he kissed her forehead. "Whatever you did to knock out a 2 year old at 1400, you have to tell me," he said, impressed.

"That would not be of any point as you are never home at 1400, Aheaha." Ouch, and the ref takes a point away.

Aheaha knew Tarek did not mean to be insulting or snide in his remark. It was a Vulcan thing, stating things directly and Aheaha had become accustomed to his husband's habit very soon after they met.

"You may want to keep a closer eye on Savannah in the coming days," Aheaha suggested as he wrapped an arm below the Orion toddler's bottom to support what was now dead weight. "There's, I think, 9 Kasheeta coming aboard later today. Ever hear of them?"

"Very little," Tarek admitted. "I do, however, know enough about them to believe seeing them will give our daughter nightmares for a month."

"Big red dinosaurs. I don't know if she would call them cute or run away screaming," Aheaha said. "Remember when we took her to the reptile show? She hugged the crap out of that anaconda."

"I do not recall the anaconda defecating," Tarek recalled, missing the idiom. "I do still question your logic to allow our daughter to get up close and personal with such a specimen. Their prey is often bigger than our daughter."

"I was right there, Tarek," Aheaha sighed.

Aheaha rubbed Savannah's back to soothe her as she stirred, possibly because of her daddies' tense words and bickering. Although to once quote Tarek, "Vulcans do not bicker." He was the living contradiction.

"Moving on," Aheaha continued. "We don't know a lot about the Kasheeta except what we've been told by the diplomatic corps. They can be aggressive, easily insulted. They're on average 8' tall. I don't know what they would do if they saw an Orion toddler teetering around."

"I don't believe Starfleet would allow man-eating aliens on this ship," Tarek pondered. "Especially not in the name of diplomacy."

"There's not usually children on Starfleet ships," Aheaha countered. "And I just want to be sure. There's a reason Samedi's and my teams are checking and double checking these measures. We just don't know."

"I should be getting her to her bed," Tarek suggested.

As Aheaha's Vulcan better half gently reached for their daughter she squirmed and pushed his hand away, clinging tighter to Aheaha and still never quite completely awakening. Aheaha returned in kind, holding tight as he nudged Tarek towards the way he and Savannah had come.

"I think this is a job for Superdad," Aheaha laughed, though not hard enough to disturb his daughter.

Trying not to be too loud Aheaha turned back around for a second. "Guys I'll be back in a few," he told his team around the corner.

"Someone has a nooner," the SC heard one of his men, maybe Olinsky, rib him.

"Not the most accurate term as it is now 1400 hours but I believe your man has officer level thinking," the Vulcan stated suggestively, flirting though he would never admit it, as they entered the turbolift.


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