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Trials of Hospitality

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2015 @ 5:23pm by Lieutenant JG Kelly Henshaw & Commander Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant JG Hel Samedi
Edited on on Mon Dec 14th, 2015 @ 5:27pm

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: V.I.P. Suite

As the towering reptilians dominated the height and width of the Kingdom's corridors they were apparently oblivious to the crew. Crew members of all shapes and sizes found themselves flattening their bodies out like a pancake against the bulkheads living the corridors to avoid being trampled. The eldest Kasheeta pounded ahead, ignoring the crew who almost became stepping stones under their heft while the younger females inquisitively lagged behind, turning to sniff the addled crewmembers like a dog or flick their tongues out to gather what they could by scent.

As they had when the Kasheeta arrived at the docking slip security maintained a close but non-invasive eye on their guests as they were escorted to the VIP suite Hel and her people had done a remarkable job of retrofitting in time for the Kasheeta's arrival while Mahealani and Hel had secretly installed some emergency contingency measures just in case the Kasheeta turned from worldly arrogant to a carnivorous stampede.

"Low ceilings and narrow walkways. Just the type of construction expected to house an inferior, physically delicate mammalian species," Gatara snubbed, trudging along with Fraast and trading low hisses of discomfort.

"Duranium alloys, but not duratanium?" Alehrem asked while Gijenn hovered nearby. Curious but less likely to pry Gijenn found it beneficial to hang about Alehrem who loved to ask questions. She listened closely as Alehrem asked, "Has Starfleet ever thought of using a duratanium alloy? The Kasheeta employs it on its warships. It is very useful when your shields fail."

"And they must fail often on a ship like this," Gatara huffed from ahead.

Kelly was trying her best to keep her wits about her, but these people were creatures were wearing on her, "We actually did try using Duratanium infrastructure and bulkheads for a while, but we found that the additional weight cut down on our maneuverability in near atmospheric conditions. Since most of our space combat is in or near inhabited planets, it was ruled that maneuverability was a higher value than the ability to take a beating. The hull is actually a Duranium and Duratanium alloy. I'm sure we could arrange for you to see the hull from the outside, if you're so curious about it?" She said, wondering if the dinosaurs would notice that she didn't mention anything about an EVA suit.

"Actually all they would see is just the paint on the outside of the hull." Hel mused, rubbing her chin. "Though I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to bypass transporter safeties and put someone inside a bulkhead." she added, sounding contemplative. "Though that would compromise the bulkhead's structural integrity."

Alehrem's yellow eyes gleamed with humor as she looked back and forth between Kelly and Hel. Apparently she caught on to what was being said, even if the others didn't. "You would be interesting warriors relying on wits rather than brawn to disassemble your competition." It was the closest to a compliment that had been given so far.

"Oh, Alehrem," Eagra sighed, "I don't think that's what they meant. The mean to say that our questions are grating. We should try to be more conscience of-"

"How very rude," interrupted Gatara. She rubbed her hands together as she inspected Kelly closely. Her great gold eyes flecked with brown and green. "How very like a young and brash race to lace hospitality with venom when faced with a better."

"Not that we're betters.." Eagra sighed again. The youngest of the lot shrinked back at the scathing look that Gatara aimed at her shortly afterwards. "We are not sharing the best of ourselves."

Kelly was smiling broadly now, but it didn't go to her eyes as her head cocked to the side a little and she stared down Gatara, "Our betters? Last I checked you're all here because you couldn't even manage to fly yourselves home without issue. It's not exactly polite to insult the people who are helping your scaly rears get home in one piece," She said, all saccharin laced with venom. So much for diplomacy. Who's idea was it to put her on this detail again? Oh right. The old XO. One last eff you for the road.

"Now now, Lieutenant. It's just some friendly banter between allies. Anyone can suffer engine trouble, and I'm sure our guests meant no offense ... " Hel mused, before letting her gaze glide over the assembled saurians. "... Right?" she offered a most pleasing yet terrifying smile. "I sure hope my people have finally fixed that problem with the replicators in the guest quarters dispensing only dogfood, though. Wouldn't want to ... inconvenience our guests."

"Oh know we wouldn't want that," Kelly said, her smile downright eerie. "Quarters are this way," She cooed, turning and marching off with purpose in her steps.


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