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"I see lizards"..

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2015 @ 3:02am by Lieutenant JG Pensria (Sam) Shinawatra
Edited on on Sat Dec 5th, 2015 @ 6:22pm

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: CMO Office, USS Durango
Timeline: current

For Pensria (Sam) Shinawatara, she was relaxing in her office on the USS Durango, when Captain Edith Bunker came in and sat down in a chair, and just stared at her.

Knowing it was the skipper by the sounds of her footsteps in her office; Sam did not look up until she was finished with the report. Now looking up, Sam saw Edith just sitting there in silence with a funny grin on her face watching her.

As the Durango’s Chief Medical Officer, and Psycho therapist; Sam had a professional relationship that was much more friendlier with the Captain, First Officer, and the Chief of the Boat.

Behind closed doors she could easily joke with them, and skip the formalities of rank associated with the other officers and enlisted. But in private, as the ships CMO and Psychologists, she had more leeway to talk back to the captain in private, more as the Captains personal physician, and Psychotherapist; that not anyone, even the First Officer was ever allowed to know about.

Okay Edie just what are you looking at; "my gray hair?”, replied Sam. Laughing Captain Bunker just laughed and said,

“Who me", replied Edith. ’m just laughing at the set of orders Starfleet just sent to me. It looks like you’re being transferred to the USS Kingdom.

“The Kingdom”, exclaimed Sam..

“Yup the Kingdom" replied Edith; and it seems they have need of an experienced CMO like you to serve the needs of the ship, and there is a small problem that they feel needs your particular attention?

Still smiling and almost laughing Edith said " “When was the last time you examined a reptile?”

“Well if you must know Edie” old friend, replied Sam, I haven’t seen or treated a Saurain or Lizard species in over 20 years; though I’ve had a few continuing education course that pertained to their breed, and biological functions.

Now a bit perturbed by the question Sam sat there, and said “What the hell does looking at a reptile have to do with my orders to the Kingdom?”

Now seeing Same was now a bit irritated, Edith calmly said " Besides being transferred to the Kingdom as their new CMO, the Kingdom is transporting a Diplomatic delegation of Kasheetas, and they need a CMO with some sort of training if the diplomatic party has a medical problem, and since you have that training; Starfleet decided to make you the Kingdom’s new CMO.

Great” replied Sam in a sarcastic response; that’s all I need, " a bunch of ten foot tall, friendly meat eaters who have "a hard on for brightly colored shells." Not to mention the females "who all have this arrogant attitude, and who seem to become possessive if they like you."

Thanks Edith, "and you couldn't ask Starfleet to let me finish out my career on the Durango?" "Nope" replied Edith.

Looking at Edith who seemed to enjoying seeing her squirm, Sam said; okay I guess bitching isn’t going to help me out of this.

So how much time do I have to have to pack up my apartment, close out my medical files, transfer my orders and policies to my Assistant? Edith said, well if things go well

"I’d say approximately 8 hours, so you may as well start packing", replied Edity.

"Great, just great, Edith, replied Sam sarcastically as she put down her files, and began to activate a code on her desk, sealing all of her medical files, to include the Captains Psychological files until a new CMO could be transferred to the Durango.

Then Sam said "I guess there is not much to do but tell my Assistant CMO that he now has the ball in his corner, and pack..


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