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A three day trip..

Posted on Sun Dec 6th, 2015 @ 11:45pm by Lieutenant JG Pensria (Sam) Shinawatra
Edited on on Mon Dec 7th, 2015 @ 1:42am

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: USS Jenolan
Timeline: Present

Transporting Sam to the USS Kingdom which was now more than 2 light years away, the USS Jenolan NCC-2010 a small Sydney Class Transport had been diverted by Starfleet to rendezvous with the USS Durango.

The USS Kingdom now in a parking orbit around the Jenolan received Sam without any problem, except for her constant complaining about having her atoms spread out among the stars.

One thing that Sam had, was a deep aversion to being beamed anywhere for no good reason. Even beaming down planeside to inspect a facility, or to meet some high “mucky muck” as she called anyone who wore the uniform of a diplomat, or the rank of a Flag Officer was not an emergency in Sam’s opinion.

Sam did not like the statistics of Transporter malfunction failure, where people had been beamed into a rock, partially beamed in a steel beam or in the hull of a Starship during Warp, or having their body and another person’s body mixed up during transmission, and coming out at the terminal end as a geneticist nightmare, where died a horrible death.

No matter how her therapists talked to Sam about the new safeguards on the Transporters, and those deaths were in the earlier year, Nope, the idea of having her atoms being spread out was not her cup of tea.

However in a Medical Emergency, or where her expertise was needed, Sam was the first to get in the transporter chamber. But other than that, Sam would grudgingly beam over, keeping her opinions on why she was beamed over to herself.

This time after Edith had explained to Captain Franklin Delatorre about Sam’s own dislike about being beamed over, he gladly sent a small two man shuttle for Sam. Soon Sam was now aboard the Jenolan, and within minutes she was now warping out of range of the USS Durango.

Returning back to their original course and speed, the helmsman on the Jenolan took her to her normal cruising speed of Warp Factor 5, and activated its deflector shields. With the ship now obeying Helms, the Captain left the bridge, after turning it over to his first officer, and went down to visit with the passengers.

As a passenger transport; the Sydney Class USS Jenolan; had a good record. Built more than 10 years ago, the Jenolan was fast for her class. On a full run, she easily carried over 200 passengers, but on this run the ship only had around 60-80 passengers besides Sam.

The Jenolan was outfitted along the lines of an old earth tourist ship. She had the usual amenities, such as the large dining room for the guests, the captain’s table for a few selected guest to eat with the captain; a bar, coffee shop, a ships duty free shop, along with a large dance hall; where the director was having old earth 1905’s rock and roll, and 1960’s dance music. Aboard the Jenolan was a small casino that only had four tables of chance, and twenty Federation credit slot machines.

Finding her assigned quarters, Sam quickly changed from her uniform to civilian attire, with an expected voyage of three days she may as well get comfortable. Dressing in a pair of black fitted jeans, she wore under a pair of black motorcycle boots, black tight fitting leather corset, that accentuated her already large breasts, and over that she wore a form fitted black leather motorcycle jacket, and on the back she wore the colors of the Hell’s Angels outlaw motorcycle gang of the mid 21st century.

Wandering around the Jenolan, no one seemed to notice the outfit, and the words “Hell’s Angels” were just words which meant nothing to anyone who asked. But for some of the older humans, they laughed whenever Sam walked by; for they had also knew about the Hell’s Angels, from reading the history of the United States, and the time when motorcycle gangs ruled their own territory during the 1950’s till the end of 2050.

For the next two days, Sam visited every restaurant, coffee bar, and the liquor bars that served real liquor. Even with her odd way of dressing she seemed to blend in with the 80 passengers, and soon she was in deep conversation with a few of the passengers talking about medicine, military history, current news events, and sometimes stopping in her cabin to put on a bathing suit; that was a bit risqué.

Wherever Sam walked to the Jenolans small swimming pool, she and the suit always brought on interesting comments from the men, with a few not too flattering.

Day two of her trip was the same, but this time instead of playing a passenger, Sam dressed in a dress, heels, and some makeup decided to see the sickbay of the Jenolan.

Going down to the Sickbay, Sam saw it was the size of one of her trauma rooms. With four biobeds along the wall, the medical equipment was packed in storage bins along the wall, ready to be used if need be. Finding that the only Medical Officer was one Master Chief Petty Officer a Physicians’ Assistant with the rank of (E9), and four Petty Officers in the ranks of (E4-E6).

Talking to MCPO Benson he told Sam that the Sydney Class Starships did not need a CMO/Medical Officer, or Commissioned nurses, since the passengers had to pass a physical to get on board.

With many of the passengers in good health, the only surgical services they provided was general for small lacerations from the bar fights, or a passenger/crewman accidentally cutting themselves, which was within their training to treat.

What they saw were generally sick call issues, such as colds, flu, allergies, asthma, some high blood pressure issues, and an occasional pregnant mom who suddenly decided to have her child born on the Jenolan, but other than that, the five of them generally kept the population well taken care of.

Seeing that there was not much she could do, Sam offered her help if they had an emergency that was beyond their training. Which they eagerly asked her to do.
The second day went well, and now waking up on the third day, the Jenolan was now 8 hours away from the Kingdom, and this time Sam decided to go to the ships Sickbay library.

Entering the Sickbay she saw a lot of minor medical problems, from the overindulgent drinker, to someone complaining of a stomach ache, to the regular cold, flu, and aches and pains from the elderly passengers, and there were the passengers who wanted talk about some imagined medical problem which the senior corpsmen gladly sat and talked to
Entering the medical library, Sam pulled up as much information that she could find on the Kasheeta’s.

They were a new race, so any medical information on them was scant or almost non-existent. But as the new incoming CMO, she was expected to know as much, so looking for any information on the Kasheeta’s, she knew that once she stepped on board the Kingdom she’d be asked her opinion on the care and feeding of the Kasheeta’s to include their disgusting way of eating.

For hours Sam poured over medical texts looking for a complete medical breakdown on the Kasheetas. Finding none, other than they were all related to reptiles, who had evolved into a humanoid reptiles. Sam found that many of them lived in a cold or warm Class “M” environment. They all had the same internal organs, and blood supply.

There was another type of Humanoid Reptiles called the “Bzzit Khaht” who came from another Class “M” planet, but only ate a food supply of blue moss-like “shaka”. Another difference between these reptiles is that they came from a water based environment, and were covered with a sponge like gland that sometimes gave off an offensive smell to other races.

But the Kasheeta’s were a bit different, and this gave Sam an idea. As meat eaters, the Kasheetas; preferred their meals to be live, and scrambling for their lives. But eating was messy, ripping flesh to shreds, eating through bones, sinew, and muscle. They also came from a cold Class “M” planet, and that information would come in handy.

As for their disposition; the females were bigger and taller than the male Kasheetans. Towering around 8-10 feet tall, they were big bruisers weighing in around 900-1800 pounds, and had a different coloring. While the males were around 8-9 feet tall not as bulky, but were generally treated as dirty by the arrogant female Kasheetans.

Looking at the time, she saw she now had less than 4 hours to get ready to transfer over to the USS Kingdom, which the Captain told her that she was now in range of their deep sensors, and she would be taken to the ship via another shuttle.

Before she left, Sam called the Commander of Starbase 61, and asked him a few questions, saying yes to her questions, Sam asked how long would it take for him to get what she wanted. Checking his manifest he said that he could have her order whenever she wanted it. Now smiling Sam said to herself [let’s see how well the Kasheetas like what I have in store for them]

A few hours later, Sam and the other passengers saw the USS Kingdom lying there with its navigational lights on, and a light over the passenger shuttle hatch. Getting into the shuttle, Sam had her small ditty bag, and another one containing her clothes, and as the small shuttle from the came up. Soon Sam was with the shuttle pilot, and as he guided the shuttle to the passenger hatch, two doors opened, and close.

As the shuttle operator returned to the Jenolan, the Kingdom was now beginning to warp out of the area, and soon it was gone.


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