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Meeting the Captain Part Two

Posted on Mon Dec 14th, 2015 @ 2:43am by Commander Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant JG Pensria (Sam) Shinawatra

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: USS Kingdom, Deck Two

“Captain, our new CMO is here, and wished to talk to you” came a pleasant voice over the wall com in the conference room. Broken from her reverie of reading through the Kasheeta files, Ro finally put aside the cold coffee she'd been holding almost to her mouth so long that her hand had gone numb. "Send 'em to the conference room on deck two." It'd become her office of sorts since her personal rooms were a bit too small to hold the mass of mess that came with the launch, the new personnel, the departure and entry of a new XO and all of the cultural files on the Kasheeta. She had small hills- possibly hillocks- of datapads spread out over the long table ranked by the importance of how soon they had to be read. "I'll be here."

After finding that she had made a mistake, Sam; got the directions to Deck #2 from the Yeoman, and soon she was standing outside the conference room. Knocking on the door...

"Come in!" Ro called, setting aside the reader. Her eyes were aching anyhow. "Just don't mind the mess. The room's moonlighting as a library at the moment."

As Sam entered, she could see Ro working hard at her desk, and with hundreds of files in a neat mess, and filed to her specifications, she just ignored the mess of files, and said "MA'AM" LT(JG) Pensira (Sam) Shinawatara, reporting in for duty".

After saluting her new boss, Sam just stood there waiting for Ro to say something...

"At ease, lieutenant. Pull up a chair and take a seat. I'm not sure how your former post was, but we're working out a lot of kinks here, still. A little brevity is appreciated, so it's not quite so formal. Do you go by Pensri? Pens?" The redhead moved aside one stack to grab at another and fish through it until she found the doctor's file. That got drug into the center of the table as they spoke. "I'm a Rohana, but that gets shortened to Ro."

Amazed at the Captains friendliness; Sam said "well Captain; you can call me either "Sam" or Doc. As a CMO I usually like to be a lot less formal; but on those times when we have a VIP, I will refer you to as Captain Rohana, and you can call me Lt(JG) or Lieutenant Shinawatara. Now would you mind if I called you 'Ro' during those non-official times, and in the privacy of my office during your physical examinations, or when I'm in your office?"

"O'Touvelli is the actual last name. Rohana was my mother's idea. It was a horse from a fairy tale that she liked when she was younger. Not so great for a kid, mind you. But I don't mind being called Ro in private if you don't mind being called Sam. I hope you don't mind my rather low key welcome. I've had three different senior staff now come in and en up being routed back out in the last week so I'm not sure if you're actually coming or going. There was a bug somewhere in our manifest. I hope it's all worked out now. The last doc had a kid with her. I was kind of giddy over the excuse to buy toys again.. Regardless, welcome to the Kingdom. It's a pretty ship. Not everything works. We're working on that." The commander offered out a slim hand liberally dotted with freckles to shake.

Well Ro; I think I'm here for the long haul, I was on the USS Durango when I got a sudden transfer to the Kingdom, and since I've had a bit of training on Kasheeetan biology, I think Starfleet wanted me here to help you with the Kasheetans. But for now; I'll let you handle that that, and if you don't mind I'd like to get to my quarters, and maybe go down to sickbay to meet Dr. Figg....

Getting up, Sam saluted Ro, then after receiving permission to leave, Sam turned around and left the briefing room.... Leaving Ro to continue to worry about the huge pile of papers in front of her.... Maybe she'd return a little while later; bringing with something to eat, and drink for Ro. Heavens knows Captains were the worse patients in the world, always worrying about their crew, but sometimes forgetting that they were not made out of steel, and foregoing their own health needs....


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