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A Jurassic snack for our guests

Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2015 @ 5:58pm by Lieutenant JG Pensria (Sam) Shinawatra

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: Transporter Room 1
Timeline: Immediately after "First Launch"

After Sam had checked in with the bridge, she went down to the main transporter room and saw Chief Petty Officer Vince Gannon, who was busy cleaning the room. After entering the room, Chief Gannon said "Doc, what brings you down her, "It's not often does the CMO come here to visit the Transporter section".

Laughing Sam said, Chief, "do you still have the 100 large crates that were beamed along with me from the Jenoloan?" Sure do Doc, replied the Chief,

"as you transported over, the large crates that were in the Jenolans cargo hold were also beamed over, and now they're in a closed loop in our transporters computer buffer, under a separate sub-file."

"And how long can they stay in the transporters buffer without any degradation, asked Sam

Doc replied Chief Gannon,

"If they're live specimens almost indefinitely, and with current technology, I'd say that if nothing is done, except keep power on, they can live there in a state of suspended animation for over 100-500 years..

(OOC - This was the same technique "Scotty" used to remain in suspended animation, after his ship crash landed on the Dyson Sphere, and was rescued by Geordi, and the others on STTNG)

So Doc, replied Petty Officer Gannon, "what's in those crates, and why the separate loop?" "Doc if you have a bunch of refrigerated beef hindquarters, it would have been a lot easier for the Jenolan to beam those hindquarters directly to the Kingdom's large meat lockers".

Now grinning like a Chessire Cat, Sam said "Chief, have you ever heard of the old earth slang for "Hamburger on the hoof?", now looking at Sam with a blank stare, Sam said "Chief I have 100 large cages each containing live, and anesthetize 145 lb Capybara. "Aren't those rodents", asked the Chief. "YUP" replied Sam, and they're going to make the Kasheetans very happy.

Now ooking horrified at Sam, Chief Gannon said... "Doc, you mean you're going to feed the Capybaras to the Kasheetans?" YUP, and they're going to be alive, kicking; and running for their little lives.

Now finished with poor Chief Gannon, who was now much more amused than horrified. It would be fun just to watch the poor Capybaras squealing, as the Kasheetans grabbed each of them and ripped their bodies apart, or swallowing them hole. Then Chief Gannon began to laugh at the thought of the Capybaras being eaten, not the crew.

Before Sam left the Transporter room, she said, Chief you've been on this tub for a while longer than I, "Doc, I've been here for over four years". Good, "so tell me Chief", replied Sam, what do you think of our guests?

Suddenly the Chief became very formal, and said, "Doc, what I tell you isn't going past the transporter room doors, will it". "No Chief", replied Sam, "if its medically related; then this is between you, me, and the walls of the Transporter room." So go ahead and spill your guts...

As the Chief began to talk, Sam found a small button on the wall of the transporter room, and in seconds two chairs came out of its compartment, and with both now sitting down together, she watched the Chief who was now beginning to show signs of increased stress...

Chief Gannon began, "Doc, I've been in Starfleet for over 29 years, I'm about to retire next year with a 30 year retirement, and if luck has it; I'll be on Risa living on the beach, but right now the crew is scared, and worried about the Kasheetans. Now I know that they're supposed to be a friendly species, that's why we have 9 of their delegates here on board, but whenever I walk among the crew, I hear a lot of voices that say "we're going to be eaten", and with those 10 foot tall Dinosaurs on board, everyone is scared.

Even Ensign Elena Sampson is scared. You just mention Dinosaurs, and she goes bananas. I'm sure there are others, but I do hear voices that say, "Get me off the ship", and to hell with having diplomatic relations with the Kasheetans.

Managing to change her position to gauge the Chief demeanor, Sam noticed that he seemed to be swallowing more air as he talked, he looked agitated, and everytime he mentioned the Kasheetans, he seemed to look around the room as if looking to see if the Kasheetans were hiding in the room. There were other signs, some almost too hard to notice; but to a more practiced and experience person she saw those small hand guestures, and lot more.

Finally Sam said, Chief how do you feel about the Kasheetans, talking for another half hour, Sam had already seen enough. With the entire crew now living in fear with the Kasheetans aboard, the crew may not make it to its next mission, and she needed to see the captain.

Sam said, Chief if you want to talk more about this with me in private, come down to my office in the next few days, and I'll have a script for a simple Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor or SRI. Its not a narcotic, but a simple drug that increases the amount of Serotonin in the brain, giving you a happier disposition.

Feeling better Chief Gannon said, "thanks Doc" for letting me talk to you. "I was afraid that I may be the only one to have seen this", and in my 29 years serving on all types of ships from Battlewagons, Cruisers, Transport ships, Frigates, I've never seen anything like this."

Leaving the Transporter room, Sam took the turbolift, and said Deck 2.....


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