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And the Dragons come marching home

Posted on Wed Jan 13th, 2016 @ 2:53am by Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe & Commander Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant JG Pensria (Sam) Shinawatra

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: CMO's Office
Timeline: Shortly after leaving the 2nd deck Conference room.

It had been an interesting meeting with Ro, at least she knew by now that there was a problem with the crew, and as for the Diplomatic side of the house, maybe it was time to see who was in charge of feeding the Beasties...

[CMO's Office]
So arriving in her office, she sat down, and though of what to say to both Crispin and Mr. Barrows, who was the ships chef.

Pressing a button on her desk, Sam called up to Communications and said, "can you page both Ms. Crispin, and Mr. Barrows the Chief, and have both of them report to my office ASAP.

Then Sam thought for a few seconds, and went to the the small refrigerator in the alcove in her office, pulled down from the small cup board a large tray, places an absorbent pad on the tray, then looked inside the neatly arranged freezer, and saw what she was looking for. Taking out around ten pieces, she placed these inside a small microwave oven, waited for the items to cook; and at the same time, one could smell the odor of food.

Going to her com pad, told both Sherrice and Mike to stand by; she wanted the both of them to hear from both Ms. Crispin and Mr. Barrows on the issue of Kasheetans.

While inside the small kitchenette in her office, as she worked to get something ready for her expected guests, Sam thought about the entire Kasheeta question. Working at getting the food and drink ready, she was also able to pull up information from the Library computer; at anything that told her about the Kasheetas, and their interesting diets. Even the three most forward thinking papers, and Starfleets Massive database on every living being could not help her pin down what they ate. The only information they had was that they were Reptilian, carnivore, and were a pain in the ass.

Remembering from her textbook on Zoology, "Reptiles after eating a large meal, generally went to sleep as their body digested whatever it had put in its stomach". But without a diet specific to their species, they generally developed many diseases, and this is what she wanted to avoid; nothing worse than a 1200 to 2500 lb Dinosaur in her sickbay, throwing up, having a massive case of diarrhea, and the worse; running amok destroying anything and everything in sight, as the scared Medical Officers, Nurses, and Hospital Corpsmen tried to restrain them, so they could introduce life saving methods. So this time, she wanted to be ready.

Calling both Sherrice and Mike into her office, they arrived in Sam's office, and as they were talking and eating some of the pastries, and drinking the rich dark coffee from Thailand, Sam always kept for specific times, the mood of three of them was light, but still professional in manner.

Soon there was the soft noise of the door chimes, a soft knock on the door sill, as Sam told the two to stay seated, and she would open the door. Then Sam said "Enter"....

Gail Crispin stepped in first, looking resplendent if not a bit fatigues in a smart lavender sheath dress. "Good afternoon, doctor.. I'm afraid we haven't met." She stepped forward to offer a hand, the chef trailing behind her. He was a big man with a ruddy face and a spotless uniform- and clearly wasn't too pleased about being there. He nodded respectfully to Sam and took a seat as Gail was making nice.

Looking at Gail, Sam said; "Ms. Crispin allow me to introduce myself, first this is my home, so I would appreciate it if we don't use rank here in my office. You can call me "Doc", "Sam", or Dr. Shinawatara; but not my military rank. Yes I'm the ships CMO, and I do carry rank, but here in this room, replied Sam "all rank stops at the door".

Gail seemed a little confused by the statement, not understanding how she'd used rank. She smiled regardless and withdrew her hand. "Okay."

"Doc," Barrow said with a curt nod.

The door chimed again, this time admitting the commander who seemed a little on the edge of irritated. She gave a brief wave as she stepped in, not quite sure why she was in on this meeting.

Seeing the Capain Sam said, Hello Ro, please have a seat with the lot of us, and please have something a bit more nutritious to eat than the pastries that are on the table. Now Mr. Barrows, Sam replied as she looked into his eyes; "I believe you were about to speak just before the Captain came in...."

"No problem. I actually don't really eat much in the way of sugar," Ro sighed as she sat.

Barrows grimaced again and looked straight at the doctor. "What can I do for ya'? My time is pretty much in a crunch right now. Hope ya'll don't mind but I've gotta be sparse. I have five different dinners to oversee in three different areas of the ship stagger starting within two hours."

Seeing that Ro had come down, Sam said; "Ro I do have a non-sugar supplement in the bowl by the coffee, if you don't like sugar".

"Chef Barrows, I know you're being squeezed for time, so I'll make this short and sweet, and this is in the form of two questions."

"a. What are the Kasheetans official dietary requirements fort his mission."

Sitting forwartd as he spoke, the ruddy man's face lit up a little as he spoke about food. "Exactly what's detailed out on their dietary cards, ma'am. Got roughly eight pounds a lightly seared meat, temp kept at 40F, uncleaned resting on a thin bed of shipped in micro greens and herb blend per delegate. Minor variations on that meal will go for two of three meals a day, the third- at the request of one of the Kasheeta- will be a variation on a human delicacy that still meets their caloric needs. Tomorrow it's haggis for lunch."

"Hmmm," replied Sam, "Chef Barrows isn't 40 degrees a bit cold for a meal; and what is this third variety requested by the one kasheetan delegate?"

"Actually, ma'am, if you're serving raw meat, you want the food to go no warmer than 40 degrees or you're getting all kinds of bacteria bloomin' left, right and sideways up in there. Thirty-nine degrees Fahrenheit and lower or 140F and higher. Tare-tare is usually served right around 39-40F, ma'am. As far as the human dish, as I said she didn't specify. Just some human food that's palatable." Rubbing a hand through his short brown curls, the man was a little sheepish about what he said next. "Guess they picked up a likin' for it while they were on Earth. Has to be at least 85% meat and have a lot of high amino acids and minerals, so I was thinkin' of dishes based around organ meats."

"Chef Barrows," replied Sam, "so what you're telling me, the optimum meal for a Dinosaur is something that around a meal that has been freshly killed, correct? Secondly, the Dinosaurs would love to have a meal that is somewhere between human flesh, and beef, all correct; or am I wrong in this assumption?"

"Excuse me-" Gail interrupted rather sternly. "I need to interject a bit here as the kasheeta specialist on board. First off, they are most certainly not dinosaurs. Their exterior physiology might resemble dinosaurs, but they most certainly aren't. They're an extremely advanced matriarcal society with an almost Middle Ages Byzantine flair to their culture. They don't eat human flesh. Their planet doesn't even have an herbivore comparable to beef. Forgive me if there's a miscommunication going on here, but have you read the literature or the briefing notes passed on by the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps?"

Barrows started to chime in, but Ro touched his arm lightly and passed him a mug of coffee. "It's okay," she told him quietly. "They're both big girls."

"Seems like we've got one of those fancy doctors here that thinks other folks don't know how to do their job," The man entering the office without so much as a chime or announcement said. "Forgive me for butting in, but I've been listening to the exchange from outside the door. Sounds like you don't have the whole picture, doc. My assessment right now is that you don't trust our Chef and Diplomat to do their jobs's not the case?" He offered, bluntly but without a harsh tone.

After he stopped, he leaned in grabbed Ro's hand and shook it, whispering, "Hi. New XO. Lt. Commander Brenan Stowe. Nice to meet you," Before standing back upright and regarding the doc with an expectant look.

Rather than releasing his hand, Ro kept a hold of it and yanked him back down long enough to whisper back. "Defuse, defuse.."

Startled to see this hunk now standing in front of her; Sam sputtered for a second; cleared her voice, and in a cheerful voice, Sam said; "Welcome Brennan, and please have a seat with the others, and in my office, replied Sam; "Rank stops at the door"...

Now Ms. Crispin before you blow a diplomatic gasket; I do take your input seriously, but when you have a rather tall green or orange creature, one whose ancestors are somewhat related to Dinosaurs, Crocodiles, Alligators, and Caymans; then I'm going to call it what I see... Dinosaurs, replied Sam, and I don't mean that as an insult...

"I'm gonna, gimme a second," Brenan whispered back to Ro.

He raised a hand to Gail to prevent any response from her and gave her a wink and a grin, "Not hungry, thanks. Starfleet officers are supposed to be the height of decorum when dealing with diplomatic situations, doc. If our Diplomatic Liaison to these people is saying that they're not dinosaurs, then it's our duty to show them the respect they deserve and not refer to them as dinosaurs. Now, again, I'm seeing a lack of confidence - maybe even respect - toward your fellow officers, Doc." He said, looking serious now.

"Doc, last time I checked, the Chef is well trained in culinary details and generally have a lot of experience coming up with meals to meet very strict dietary requirements. And our diplomatic liaison has spent a massive amount of time studying their culture and their way of being. They would come to you for advice if medical issues arose because they respect your medical opinion. Right now, you're saying you don't respect them as officers. Might not be your intention, but you know what they say about the road to hell," He concluded, taking on the air of a disapproving father.

Sam who was not even bothered by the rude remark by the appearance of the Executive Officer. Sam gave him this funny look and said without recognizing him, "Chef Barrows before we were interrupted by Brennan, If you ran out of what you had already put in your lockers for our guess dietary requirements what would it be, and how much would you need to keep the Kasheetans satisfied till we reached their homeworld?"

"Okidoke and on that note," Brenan was smiling sweetly as he turned back to the Chef Barrow and Ambassador Crispin. "Folks, I'm sorry that you've wasted your time coming up here today. You're doing a fantastic job, and you're a credit to your departments. You're dismissed at this point, as I'm sure you've got a lot of work to do," He told them pleasantly.

Feeling that this was about to blow up, Chef Barrows nodded politely to everyone in the room, grabbed the fuming diplomat's hand and pulled her along after him.

"You two probably need to go, too," The commander said with a polite nod to the rest of the medical staff in the room. "Thank you. I'll be sure to get your doctor back to you post haste."

Suddenly the air in Sam's Office turned very cold, as Sam said "YOU WHAT! Commander Stowe, I realize that you're the XO on this ship, and you take your orders from the Captain on all matters, and the medical staff takes their orders from me. Right what you came upon and before you opened your mouth and stuck your foot in it, was a Medically related matter on the health, and food requirements for our guess."

"Sir, BEFORE YOU GET YOUR HEAD FURTHER UP YOUR ASS 'SIR'", as she now stuck her face not more than a few inches away from his face, Sam said in a soft cold voice, "COMMANDER STOWE, if you don't mind the next time you order my head nurse and my master chief of the sickbay to leave any meeting where I and the both of them are at, you should at least ask their superior officer. The both of them are here at my orders. Or did you seem to forget that part of decorum during the Academy that everyone has a person they report to, and just like you. I also report to the Captain... My Head Nurse and Chief WILL REMAIN HERE FOR THE DURATION, is that perfectly clear 'SIR'?"

"Actually I told them to go," Ro insisted with a nod to the two hesitating medical personnel. She held up her finger and waited until they had left to carry on. "-Because I don't condone dressing down a senior officer in front of subordinates. There's very few points where it serves any purpose except to humiliate and belittle others- enforcing that you're big and they're not. That has no purpose on this ship."

"Now.." the redhead continued, her arms crossed over her chest as she spoke. "I was going to say wait a moment, because this wasn't going anywhere constructive. Then the yelling began and the posturing and now- now I no longer feel the need to intervene. Lt. Commander, the floor is yours." With that, Ro took a seat to watch the scene unfold.

Brenan gave his CO and nod, then turned back to the doctor, "Let's a have a chat. You just gave me a really nifty lecture there, doc. Sure did. If it hadn't been a giant sack of horse shit, it might have been worth something," He said, cheerfully and grinning broadly. "So let's talk about the chain of command," He said, rubbing his hands together. "She is the Commanding Officer of this ship. She's my boss," He said, pointing at Ro. "If she tells anyone on this ship to leave, they damn well leave. I am the First Officer aboard. I'm your boss. If I tell anyone on this ship other than the CO to leave, they damn well better leave. The ONLY time that you have the right to over-rule us is if we're in some way incapacitated from doing our job, which we're not." He said, his tone dark, but his face absolutely cheerful.

"Furthermore, what you just did - getting all up in my face and tell me how things worked - that's called insubordination. I'm willing to let it slide just this one time, but next time you do it, you'll be getting to be good friends with my pals down in the brig," He told her, simply.

"You seem to have had some confusion about how things work, so I hope I've got that all cleared up. You have an issue with the way someone is doing there job, you tell me and I'll handle it. Especially when it's outside of your department like the diplomatic corps or the kitchen, got it? Are we clear?" He asked, sharply, still bright eyed and happy in spite of his tone.

"Sir, YES SIR!" replied Sam, who now stood at attention in front of the Commander..

"Excellent. I think we're done here," He said turning to the side to look at his CO, "Boss lady, you got anything else?"

"No," sighed the redhead, who stood and twitched her shirt straight. "Thank you. Be advised that we're roughly two and a half hours from launch. Use that time wisely. Stowe, I'd like to speak with you privately. Why don't you walk with me?"

"Yes ma'am," Stowe replied, giving the doctor a nod, then falling into step with the CO as she left.


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