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Setbacks and frizzy hair

Posted on Sun Jan 31st, 2016 @ 8:49am by Lieutenant JG Hel Samedi & Ensign Echo Solaris

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: Engineering
Timeline: (backpost, before everything went to pot)

"Alright, let me just adjust thi- " the voice was interrupted by the crackle of static, the two legs sticking out from the wall twitching. "OW! Ah! G'damnit!" cried Ensign Mary Angel. "That wasn't supposed to happen!" she added, quickly extricating herself from the offending conduit. All around her various alarm lights flickered on, indicating some faults in the power redirection cricuits the ensign had been working on.

A short distance away Echo was attempting to get through the tail-end of her shift without falling asleep. She was not having much success.

"Whoa!" She said abruptly, hearing the alarm more than seeing the blinking lights on her control screen. A moment ago she'd been sitting there looking at a calm screen. Had that been a dream? Was the ship going to explode because she'd been napping?

In a rush Echo leaped out of her chair, and almost collided with another engineer. She had vague memories of being a ballerina at some point of what seemed like another life, but that might as well have been another dream. There was nothing graceful about her aborted dash as she twisted on an ankle and collided with a piece of equipment instead. In the heat of the moment, she glared at the other officer, as if to say 'watch where you're going!' before continuing on.

By the time Echo had reached the source of the alarm, the ship's automated damage control systems had begun to respond to what it feared would turn into a full-blown electrical fire. Both Echo and Mary were coated in extinguishing foam before either had a chance to say anything.

The electrical fire thus extinguished before it could take hold, Mary found herself with the frizziest of unintentional afros and covered in foam. There was a twitch in her eye and she carried a distant gaze. " ... Whoa. Le-let's not do that again." she ventured. "We're gonna need a new power allocation box for this console bank, Ma'am."

Echo just stood there for a moment, not really believing that that had just happened. She took another moment to wipe her face clean, very much hoping that someone didn't round the corner that instant and decide to rename her frosty the foamgirl. Unfortunately that was almost certain to happen, given the alarm that was still sounding.

"Are... you okay?" Echo said first, more concerned with Mary than with a busted console. She looked pretty toasted, what with the hair and thousand yard stare. She gave Mary a gentle poke in the arm, as if to see how well she was responding to stimuli. Echo was far from a medical expert when it came to such things.

"Y-yeah. I'm - .. Will be fine. Just need to sit down a moment. Try and figure out which way is up." Mary looked behind at the mess she had until just a moment earlier been hip-deep inside of, and whimpered quietly. "Second day of first posting and this happens."

Echo had been aboard the ship for more than two days, but technically this was her first posting too. She might have had a lot more experience to call upon, had something much, much worse not happened to her.

"Relax... this is nothing. Just a minor accident." Echo said, trying to reassure Mary. There was no way to tell if she'd told the truth or not, of course. It was too soon to tell. For all she knew, a fire would flare up again, or maybe Mary was not as okay as she seemed.

Echo led Mary a few steps away and sat her down, where the foam wasn't covering the deck. "Here, sit down for a moment. Take a deep breath. We'll get this figured out." Before she could figure out what to do next, two engineering crewmen rounded the corner and clearly had to try very hard not to crack a smile at seeing them covered in foam.

"Cut off power to that conduit, and prepare a new power allocation box." Echo said to the two crewmen while she went to a nearby console and reset the alarm. She turned back to face Mary.

"We're going to have to get you checked out by medical. Think you can make it to sickbay?" Echo asked, wondering whether or not she'd need to call one of the medical officers to engineering.

"Yeah. I'll be fine. I'll head to sickbay, Ma'am." Mary gave a nod, slowly seeming to get her bearings again. "Thanks again Ma'am."

"Hold on a sec." Echo said, gently taking hold of Mary's arm to keep her from leaving right away. She would never forgive herself if she heard that Mary had blacked out and fallen halfway there. "I'll walk you there. The ship's pretty good at keeping itself from catching on fire... obviously." She glanced down at the foam still covering both of them. She brushed some of the foam off of Mary's shoulders. arms and back, but stopped herself short from proceeding further. A lot of people didn't like to be touched, and Echo didn't want to make things any more uncomfortable for her than they already were. Besides, she didn't want to put on a show in front of the crewmen. They had work to do.

As Echo beheld their foam covered forms so did Mary, and after a moment she giggled. "Yeah, I'd like that, thanks. Means I won't be the only one looking like a complete mess walking through the hallways." she smiled.

Echo couldn't help but sigh at that. She didn't need to look to know that she was still covered in foam, and after what she'd tried to do for Mary she knew that a few flicks of her wrist wasn't going to make it all go away.

"At least if we dab some foam on our faces the crew might not recognize us when we pass by." Echo said as they walked off, trying to determine whether that might be a good idea.


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