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The New... New... New Guy

Posted on Sun Jan 17th, 2016 @ 10:27pm by Commander Rohana O'Touvelli & Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Timeline: Following And the Dragons..

Everything that had just happened rolled around in the back of Ro's mind, being picked apart and processed as she and Stowe made their way out of the Sickbay. She didn't say anything for several moments until there was clear hall around them and the last few thoughts finally clicked into place. "What happened to my last XO?" was the first thing she asked in an exasperated tone. "I've had three XOs today. Three! Are you the actual staying XO or the 'for the next twenty-seven minutes' XO."

"I'm a keeper," Brenan replied, grinning. "Novack was misassigned, ma'am. She was supposed to go to the Camelot, but the orders got swapped around. Camelot CO is an old girlfriend and... well... that just would have been awkward is all," He explained, sheepishly.

The redhead nodded, though she still looked rather agitated. She'd be looking into the computer logs as soon as she could, provided that they were in a language that she could read. "So you rolled up to sickbay- bit the proverbial bullet and jumped in feet first with no background information- laid down the law all before checking in. Are you usually this brazen?"

Brenan seemed to consider that for a second, then nodded, "Yeah, yeah I usually am. I did listen in for a bit, though," He added. "There comes a point where the details are less important than the impact. I could hear in the Diplomat's voice that she was getting really angry - something that's usually difficult to acquire when working with diplomats - and I could see that the doc wasn't going to back down. I apologize if I overstepped my boundaries... the department chiefs are my responsibility, and I'm not doing my job as your XO if I'm letting my people interfere with your ability to do your job," He explained, smiling apologetically.

"The deed was done. I don't exactly care who gets the credit for it." Ro said as she led the way to the turbolift along the burnished bronze and glossy black hall. "You did exactly what you should have done by intervening, yes. In an unorthodox way, yes. Be careful in the future. You're a little grand in your entrances and bowling over others with your confidence. I know plenty of people who'd not take your word at face value- especially with the tension in the quadrant- and just know you square on your ass for busting in and calling rank without as much as a how do you do."

Brenan nodded, "Well, to be fair, I had expected to already be settled in before I had to handle anything like that," He told her, honestly. "I wasn't showing up to intervene, I was trying to find you so I could check in," He explained. "I just got to... show you my certain set of skills, is all."

"Your special skills.." the commander laughed. "Uh huh. Well, you certainly made a wave- first impressions being what they are. I know that you aren't afraid of jumping in head first and taking up the slack. Now I guess we get to see how good you are at smoothing over all the wrinkles made in this little meeting. I'm Ro by the way." She offered a hand out as they walked. "Commander Rohana O'Touvelli."

"Lt. Commander Brenan Stowe," He replied, taking the offered hand and shaking it. "You're welcome to call me Bren when we're not making it fancy for the people." He said, giving her that boyish grin he was apparently so good at.

"You're going to be trouble, aren't you?" Looking out of the corner of her eye at him as they boarded the turbolift, Ro frowned. "I'm just warning you now. This whole ship is full of trouble. And trouble makers. And scrappers and cussers and brig bunnies and mildly freaky folk that'd give you a run for your credits in a dark alley. So watch yourself. I don't want to have to feed you through a straw for a month. I'd like to keep an XO for awhile, and not because he's in traction."

Brenan laughed, "Ma'am, I thrive on trouble. I'm sure I'll fit in just fine," He said, giving her that winning smile. "And I promise I won't be too much, myself."

Taking in that smile, Ro wasn't at all convinced. She returned his grin with a 'uh-uh buddy' smirk of her own and stepped into the turbolift. "You'd better not be. We're under an hour till launch. In the week that we've been in dock, we've had a ship full of bugs and issues, a chunk of the crew infected with some viral agent that made them very ill, mass crew transfers and shipments redirected to other ships that had to be rerouted back. There's also a pod of cranky kasheetan diplomats, a frazzled SFD officer and a ton of minor issues that became a major issue just because of how may that there were."

"I want you to take a few minutes to situate yourself while I check your orders and key you into your system. Once launch is done, you'll have about two hours to look over the crew roster and the notes that I'll forward you on the mission and the delegates. At 2000 hrs there's an informal dinner with the kasheeta for all senior crew. After that- maybe we'll finally get to unpack." O'Touvelli rolled her dark eyes tiredly. She'd have killed for more than the little bit of time that she'd taken the previous night to get to know Kelly. Every ten minutes there'd seemed to be an issue that needed her attention. Even her sleep was being effected. "I'll handle Gail Crispin- she's the diplomat- if you'll reach out to the head chef Mr. Barrows and let him know that his original menu is still aces."

"Can do, Captain. I've got this handled," He said, nodding seriously and giving her a sharp salute.

Something in the smarmy way that the man held his face as he saluted made Ro crack a grin against her better judgement. "This is going to be interesting."


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