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Handing over the reins (A lot of ass)

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2016 @ 1:13am by Lieutenant JG Hel Samedi & Lieutenant Commander Brenan Stowe

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: Stowe's office

Word had trickled down that an actual XO had been found and assigned. This suited Hel just fine. Maybe handing over XO duties and ducking back into her role as chief engineer would reduce her workload from 'biblical flood' to 'indonesian tsunami'. Plus, she'd feel better back in charge of engineering - she trusted Echo Solaris, but knew that the poor Ensign was probably feeling as overwhelmed as she was.

So, PADD in hand, Samedi arrived at the XO's office and rang the doorchime. She secretly hoped this wasn't another antagonistic ass with a stick up his behind like so many XO's she had served with before.

"Yeah, come on in!" A voice came from inside.

And upon entering, Hel could see for herself that this new XO did not, in fact, have a stick up his ass - his ass being all that she could see. "Uh - ... This is new. Can I 'ass' you a question, Sir? And hand over XO duties?"

There was a thump from underneath the desk as the ass in question suddenly disappeared from view, followed by, "Oowww..." and a low grumble. A moment later, Brenan stood and smiled at the pale skinned woman before him, "Sorry about that, dropped my stylus under the desk," He explained.

Hel raised a brow at the sight before her, her eyes roaming over the figure before her. A sultry smirk formed as she bit her lower lip. "Off the record, it's nice to see the shapely ass comes with an equally shapely face." she mused, tilting her head a bit. "Hel Samedi, chief engineer and second officer, here to hand over all the loose ends and reports." she added with a smile, offering the PADD.

"I... what?" He asked, narrowing his eyes a bit. "That was... forward... I like forward," He continued, a smile blooming on his face.

"... Normal procedure is for you to accept the PADD and introduce yourself, I believe, Sir." Hel canted her head a bit. "Though I will take the distracted staring and dreamy smile as a personal, off the record compliment."

"Huh? OH! Yep!" Brenan snapped back to the present and walked around his desk to offer the woman his hand, "Lt. Cmd. Brenan Stowe, XO. Nice to meet you Lieutenant Samedi," He said, giving her his typical winning smile.

"And you. Off the record, I'm glad someone showed up to take over. Was getting a bit swamped with everything that's going on." Hel replied casually, sitting down on the edge of his desk and folding her arms over eachother, propping up her ample bosom.

Brenan cleared his throat and moved to continue unpacking boxes, since he was pretty sure staring at your subordinate officer's breasts was not high on the list of things considered "Good conduct".

"I'm glad to be here. Been stuck at the Academy teaching a specialty First Officer's class," He explained. "So, tell me about yourself, Lieutenant. If you're second officer, and the Engineering chief, I imagine we'll be working pretty closely together in the future," He said, pleasantly.

"Looking forward to working under you." Hel smiled sweetly. "Well, I only just finished the theoretical course for command. Rohana dropped second officer and acting first officer on my lap after our previous first officer was suddenly and unexpectedly recalled and she needed a first officer right then and there."

"Let's see. I'm not thirty yet. I'm your basic ISO-standard human, despite my looks. I'm from Asphodel colony. I play the guitar, I read, I like acting, dancing, running, swimming, climbing, generally keeping in shape, having fun." she listed up, counting them on her fingers. "And you?"

Brenan had to fight hard not to unleash a plethora of inappropriate jokes at the "working under you" statement, but his personal self-control won the day, "Ah... I'm a scootch older, thirty-six, and pretty standard human as well. Grew up in Los Angeles, don't play any instruments, but I paint from time to time. Big fan of mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking, but there's not much chance of any of those things locked on a starship," He said, chuckling a bit.

Hel's eyes lit up and she beamed the broadest grin she could muster. It was almost frightening. "Rock climbing? That makes three of us. You, me and the captain. We could go climbing together some time. A threesome." Oh this was so much fun.

"That's a threesome that I .... that's a..." Brenan cleared his throat again, "Ugh... dusty in here. That'd be enjoyable," He said, trying to cover up his near unprofessionalism. He wasn't quite sure whether she was flirting, or just trying to get him in trouble. If she was flirting though... well, once he figured that out he'd figure out what came next.

Hel laughed a musical giggle. "Working with me won't be a ... problem, right?" she smiled. "Or would you prefer if I stop making things hard on you."

"Why would it be a problem?" He asked. Easy on the eyes, easy on the ears... possibly, just easy... Oh right, that last one. That one could be a problem.

"We're both professionals," He continued. "If there's anything I've learned in my years in Starfleet, a little friendly flirting never hurt anything." He admitted, grinning a broad, boyish grin.

"I think this posting is going to be ... fun." Hel said, licking her lips. "I'll let you go for now. I've got a shitload of work to do and less time to do it in." she added, pushing off the wall and heading for the door, swaying her hips. "Welcome aboard, handsome." and with a wink she left.

Brenan sat back on his desk and let out a long breath that turned into a whistle once she was gone. He crossed his arms and laughed. This was going to be a hell of a mission.


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