Walking into Chaos

Posted on Sat Mar 5th, 2016 @ 6:02am by Commander Rohana O'Touvelli & Ensign Emmylou Figg & Lieutenant JG Jack Nash MD

Mission: Et Tu, Brute?
Location: Sickbay

"Just wait a damn second.."

Jack approached the USS Kingdom a few moments earlier to be told by a security officer that the CO of this ship is in sick bay.

"Yes sir" the rather pale looking security officer concluded.

" What in gods name have I walked into?"

Jack seemed reluctant to except the posting on a ship where the commanding officer was in sick bay with a busted jaw. It wasn't the young ensign's fault as he was only the messenger.

"I am sorry sir but I was asked to direct you straight to sickbay when you arrived . I will have your things towed for you and I will transmit your quarters location to your personal padd a little later on. Please sir hurry they are waiting for you."

"Thank you ensign" Jacked walked away from the ensign muttering to himself.


Sick Bay

Jack walked into sick bay he noticed a slightly older women attending the commanding officer on a biobed. " Captain, Ensign I am LTJG Jack Nash the ships new CMO. Can I ask what in the god's name happened to captain?" He stared at the Ensign "Please tell what treatment the captain has had so far please."

"Well," the older woman said as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Long story short the chief here got knocked senseless by a kasheeta dignitary who went on a tear after thinking that there were assassins on board. Two vertebre out, broken nose, mild concussion, fractured jaw. So far I've treated the pain with a standard morpha drug, realigned the vertebrae and set her jaw. She's comfortable but cranky and for good reason I'd think Emmylou Figg: I'm your back up."

Jack sighed at the Commanding Officer but turned his attention back to the ensign " I would say its a pleasure to meet you but I get the feeling that I am not the most welcoming sight here right now." He continued to study the captains vitals for a second. " So tell me Ensign Figg how long have you been her on your own?"

"Which time? With the computer problems there's been three CMOs since I've been on board. The whole damn crew's been in and out truthfully. Assigned, reassigned. Now the captain was trying to talk about spies, but that was a few ccs ago. My bet is she was just a bit happy about then if you catch my drift." Figg snorted. "The XO Lt. Stowe is on top of things."

Jack stood next to the captain " Ma'am other than the obvious how are you feeling right now?" In all his career this was the first time he had ever met his CO under these circumstance and it wasn't the most concerted way either. He decided that proper conversation could for another time. "For now I will let you rest where you are."

Ro nodded blearily as it was the best that she could do at the moment. Her head felt like it was full of rocks.

"Ma'am just stay put and relax for now"

Jack smiled as the ensign told it like it was and that was a person he could respect. " Well ensign lets see if we can't get a stable sick bay and try and bring some normality back down here. Tell me about the XO please I would like to be forwarned before meeting them."

He knew he couldn't hold off speaking to the first officer for long as it was protocol to notify the senior command staff when a department head was on ship. But for now this wasn't a usual time for diplomacy and niceties. He was requested to turn up at sick bay and so here he was.

Figg took a seat for a moment and snatched up a coffee cup she'd forgotten almost two hours ago, sniffed at it, then drained it. "Let's see. He's pretty. Got a bit of a big dog complex. Charismatic. Not much of a filter on his mouth. I like what I've seen of him so far."

Jacked was parched it was ages since he had a drink "Can I get you coffee Emmylou?" walking over to the replicator himself" Coffee Black no milk" the replicator dispensed his coffee it never tasted as nice as the proper stuff but it would do for now." So why does the Kingdom have issues holding on to CMOs is there something cursed about this post" he chuckled. His first impressions of the ship lead him to believe there may be.

"Oh, no, dear, but thank you. I've been losing coffee all day." Figg took her mug to the disposal to further the remark. "Like I said, there were computer problems. In three weeks almost the whole crew has turned over a few times from crewman to the XOs. There were force field failures and computers churning out gibberish. Crazy for a brand new ship."

He laughed this ship seemed jinxed only a matter of time would tell. " Emmylou lets leave the captain for some peace". He started to walk away from the biobed as he wanted the captain to sleep for a bit if he knew the captain she most likely didn't sleep very long either. For now this was the best place for her..

LT.JG Jack Nash
USS Kingdom


Ensign Emmylou Figg
PNPC O'Touvelli